23rd Annual Barley Cup

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Thompson Brewery & Public House
Salem, Oregon

What could be better than a selection of distinctive and flavorful brews at the start of summer, all vying to be your favorite? Head to the Barley Cup.

This brewfest began 23 years ago when brewer Chris Oslin formulated the idea based on his love of hockey; a passion shared by the late Mark Gunz, Oslin's Brewery Manager at the time. They wanted to hold the Stanley Cup of brewfests! They would pit all of the beers against one another and the winner would receive the trophy, which would gain height every year just like the coveted professional hockey cup; but the winner would only hold it temporarily before it returned to its home at the Thompson, just like the Stanley Cup. This event turned into quite the community affair, as a local Salem Brew Club would do the judging. We think it's still a matter of public interest as the voting is now done by you!