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About Fulton Pub & Brewery

Great moments in Hammerhead history

For fans of our beloved Hammerhead Ale, know ye this: legend has it that the brew's hallowed recipe was perfected here. Actually, Fulton Pub dates back to 1926, when it was a Prohibition-era hangout serving home-cooked meals, pinball games, stogies, candy and ice cream. Speculation says that during Prohibition the pub might even have provided patrons the odd pint as an unadvertised special. 

What is certain is that when the prohibition against strong drink did end in America, it wasn't long before the present-day Fulton location became a beer parlor. It was also later a workingman's bar known as the Home Tavern.

The Fulton was renovated and opened by McMenamins on Cinco de Mayo in 1988. Today, we serve up hearty pub fare in intimate setting in Portland's Macadam neighborhood. We've got casual dining for the entire family, either indoors in our cozy pub or outside on our garden patio.

Fulton Pub allows pets at our sidewalk seating only.


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Call in your order: (503) 246-9530
Order online with Uber Eats and Door Dash

We offer Northwest-style pub fare that incorporates the freshest seasonal ingredients from local and regional growers and producers. We make everything onsite, including pizza, soups and more. Seasonal specials round out our menus – ask your server for details.

Gluten-free buns available! These light, crisp, locally made products are available for an additional charge with hamburgers and sandwiches – just ask your server. Please note: Although the bun is gluten-free, our kitchens are not.


Everything's Jake at the Fulton. At least, that's how it began. In 1926, during the depths of Prohibition, one of Portland's great saloon men, Jake Reisch, built a new place on Southwest Nebraska. It stood down the street from the neighborhood grocery, just up from the Portland Shipbuilding Company's yard and right next to the Shell service station. Jones Lumber and Portland furniture were a brisk walk or a short street car ride to the north. This was back when the Fulton neighborhood got its fingernails dirty... 

What do 1920s saloon man Jake Reisch, Trailblazer Harvey Grant and Hollywood dude Keanu Reeves have in common? Read more to find out.