McMenamins Passport

Available at all Pubs, Hotels & Online

McMenamins Passport

Launch your quest to fill your very own McMenamins Passport with stamps from all locations, and become a Cosmic Tripster!

Get Started

Start earning prizes along the way; ranging from free tots, burgers, appetizers and goodies to exclusive Passport pint glasses, T-shirts, a growler and other merchandise. 
  1. Buy a McMenamins Passport ($35) at any McMenamins location or online.
  2. Register your Passport online here.
  3. Head out to the pub of your choice and start collecting stamps!

Along the Way

  • When you visit any McMenamins, ask your server for a stamp.
    • You may receive a location stamp by completing the clue/task for that spot.
    • OR
    • Grab a bite or a pint or make a purchase and you can receive the stamp without needing to solve the clue.
  • When you get all the stamps for each region, you earn a prize.
  • Specific prizes are listed in the Passport.
  • Once you collect all location stamps you will be crowned an official Cosmic Tripster!

Cosmic Tripsters

  • Once you collect all location stamps you can turn in your Passport at any McMenamins Hotel to become a Cosmic Tripster.
  • When you become a Cosmic Tripster you’ll earn:
    • Hotel stays.
    • A pair of concert or movie tickets.
    • An exclusive invite to the next Cosmic Tripster Party.
    • Happy Hour beverage pricing for a year (Sun-Thurs).
    • Exclusive McMenamins merch to prove you did it!
  • All prizes are worth nearly $1,000; not bad for that $35 investment is it?

Passport Rules

  • One Passport per person & one Passport in use at a time.
  • Register your Passport at
  • You must be 21 & over to use a Passport.
  • No purchase required (some exceptions for locations marked with TIX icon).
  • There is no time limit or expiration date to complete your Passport.
  • Some locations and many small bars have limited hours. Check the McMenamins App before you head out. 
  • Experience stamps (pages 4-6 & McMenamins Passport Insert) are not required for Passport completion but do earn you gift cards!
  • Click here for full list of rules & terms.

Home Base Pub

  • If you have a new version of the Passport with the Home Base Pub grid on Page 37 of the Passport, you can collect even more stamps!
  • Visit your "Home Base" Pub 10 times and collect a $20 gift card! 
  • Minimum spend of $10 per visit • One stamp per day • Stamps must ALL be collected from the same pub or small bar (meaning every stamp should be exactly the same).

Experiences & Fun

  • Experience stamps (page 4-6 & McMenamins Passport Insert) are ways to discover McMenamins and earn gift cards as you go. Learn more here.
  • The back of the Passport has plenty of room for just-for-fun, I-was-there-and-I-can-prove-it stamps that we offer at our various events and happenings. Sign up to get our monthly emails to stay in the know!


The Passport has evolved over time and will continue to do so. So questions are natural! Email us at or see our full list of terms & FAQs.