Devils Bit

2022 Devils Bit

Available while supplies last

Price: $24.00 for a 200ml bottle. 2 bottle limit.

Bottles can be purchased to-go at the following locations:

23rd Avenue Bottle Shop • (Portland, Ore.
Anderson School Market • (Bothell, Wash.
Cedar Hills • (Beaverton, Ore.
Cornelius Pass Roadhouse • (Hillsboro, Ore.
Edgefield Gift Shop / Distillery Bar • (Troutdale, Ore.
Elks Bottle Shop • (Tacoma, Wash.
Gearhart Hotel • (Gearhart, Ore.
Grand Lodge • (Forest Grove, Ore.
Hotel Oregon • (McMinnville, Ore.
Kalama Harbor Lodge Market • (Kalama, Wash.
Kennedy School • (Portland, Ore.
North Bank • (Eugene, Ore.
Old St. Francis School • (Bend, Ore.
Roseburg Station Pub • (Roseburg, Ore.
Wilsonville Old Church & Pub • (Wilsonville, Ore.

Devils Bit 10-Year Rye Whiskey

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery
September 2022

This barrel has been aging quietly for over a decade, tucked away in the shadowy corner of a 167-year old granary. The malt flavors have matured and combined with the barrel, imparting notes of vanilla, Christmas spices and smooth oak tannins. The first nosing reveals that with extended cellaring, the whiskey has taken on characteristics of the barn itself – notes of leather and moss, old cedar, rich earthy compost and a long finish that is reminiscent of the granary on a warm day.