Devils Bit

2022 Devils Bit

Available, Thursday, March 17

Price: $24.00 for a 200ml bottle. 2 bottle limit.

Bottles can be purchased to-go at the following locations:

23rd Avenue Bottle Shop • (Portland, Ore.
Anderson School Market • (Bothell, Wash.
Cedar Hills • (Beaverton, Ore.
Cornelius Pass Roadhouse • (Hillsboro, Ore.
Edgefield Gift Shop / Distillery Bar • (Troutdale, Ore.
Elks Bottle Shop • (Tacoma, Wash.
Gearhart Hotel • (Gearhart, Ore.
Grand Lodge • (Forest Grove, Ore.
Hotel Oregon • (McMinnville, Ore.
Kalama Harbor Lodge Market • (Kalama, Wash.
Kennedy School • (Portland, Ore.
North Bank • (Eugene, Ore.
Old St. Francis School • (Bend, Ore.
Roseburg Station Pub • (Roseburg, Ore.
Wilsonville Old Church & Pub • (Wilsonville, Ore.

Devils Bit 2022

Every year, we turn our distilling teams loose, encourage them to get as creative as possible and make a specialty whiskey that could someday become Devils Bit, our annual cellar select whiskey. In 2015, the Edgefield Distilling crew made a whiskey in the Speyside Scotch style, but done as only they can in Troutdale, Oregon! 
This single malt was distilled from Golden Promise pale malt and a lightly-peated malt, both of which came from the Speyside region of Scotland. The brewing water was treated with salts to match the water specifications of the water in Scotland. After double distillation in pot stills, the spirit was aged for seven years in a former fino sherry cask. The initial nose and first sip find the sweet spot between light smoke and honeyed cereal grain, and the years spent aging in sherry casks give rise to slightly floral, but firm, aged grape tannins. The finish is long and deserves to be explored before taking your next sip. Cheers!