2017 Devils Bit

On St. Patrick’s Day 2017, for the first time, our annual release featured two versions of our Devil’s Bit Whiskey: one aged four years in a charred oak barrel from Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery, and one aged eight years from Edgefield Distillery.

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse (CPR) Distillery’s: 

This Devils Bit Whiskey is based on Philosopher’s Stone, a favorite beer recipe from CPR’s long and colorful past. Four different types of malt give a bold and complex grain profile. Four years in a new charred American oak barrel allowed these flavors to mellow and mature. It was then finished in a Zinfandel port barrel from the Edgefield Winery to add finesse and layers of berry and stone fruit nuance.

Edgefield Distillery’s: 

The 2017 edition of our Devils Bit Whiskey was distilled from our “Ananda” recipe. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, Ananda means ‘an extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.’ Our “Ananda” recipe is the most complex out of our four malted barley recipes that we rotate to make our whiskies. As a white (or clear) spirit, the “Ananda” recipe produces roasty, malty flavors with a strong dark chocolate note. This leads to great results for long-term aging, so we put aside the first barrel of this recipe in 2009 and now it’s time for this special whiskey to see the light of day!

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