Inaugural Cedar Hills Pub IPA Festival

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Cedar Hills
Beaverton, Oregon

Indian Pale Ales have come a long way from their creation in the 18th century, and although their true origin remains a little murky, one thing has become clear: In the land of craft brewing, IPA is king.
IPA’s have become so popular and renowned, they seem to almost exist in an industry all of their own. The Cedar Hills Pub IPA Festival is a celebration of all the styles that make up the IPA universe. From England to the West Coast back to New England and many locales in between, we are bringing in 22 different IPAs from 22 different McMenamins breweries to explore everything IPAs have to offer. Come experience the diverse world of hops as we present your taste buds with all the citrusy, earthy, piney, juicy, fruity, dank, floral and herbal flavors they can handle.