Code of Conduct

The McMenamins Passport was created to inspire exploration and discovery, give patrons incentives to see all that McMenamins has to offer, and to be fun! The Passport code of conduct asks all Passport holders to stay true to the spirit of the Passport. The spirit of the Passport is all about the pub experience: good food and drink, good people, and lasting memories. As a Passport holder, you agree to the following:
  • Be kind
    • Be polite; no swearing or arguing with staff.
  • Be honest
    • It’s a very generous program, with just a few stipulations. Use of multiple Passports, or using someone else’s Passport are grounds for revocation of the Passport.
  • Visit locations when they are open
    • Stamps will not be given out when a location or small bar is closed. Please plan accordingly and when in doubt, call ahead.
  • Follow the rules
    • Any rules we have placed around the Passport were created with a purpose in mind. Belittling staff for following the rules is not tolerated and does not respect the spirit of the program.
**Failure to comply with these rules may result in the confiscation of your Passport**