Saturday, July 27, 2024

6th Annual Summer School Brewfest

Anderson School - Haynes' Hall


$30 advance, $35 day of. Ticket includes 10 tokens and a glass

All ages welcome
21+ to sample

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About 6th Annual Summer School Brewfest

6th Annual Summer School Brewfest

Head to school in late July of every year for this education in local brews. Featuring beers and ciders from Washington and Oregon, BBQ food specials, live music and more!

Live Music

12-12:30pm * Lizzie Clauss & Clayton Coleman
3-5:30pm * Dain Norman & The Chrysalis Effect
6-9pm * TBA

About Dain Norman and the Chrysalis Effect


Dain Norman and the Chrysalis Effect

"Dain Norman is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio producer, based out Tacoma, WA, he fronts his band The Chrysalis Effect, with current members, T.J. Wolfe on Drums, and Denny Byers on Bass.
Norman is not really from anywhere; he moved his entire childhood from state to state, city to city. He considers himself the most from both Florida and Georgia, US.
Since middle school, Norman has been performing in bands, self-releasing his first solo album, performing every instrument, and producing, "Michael" in 2008, in tribute to his late step-father. Norman began to steadily move around the SE US performing, in a vagabond fashion and self-releasing demo quality singles between 2009-2013. Norman briefly played with a reggae band called "Reggae Rockus", who shared a bill with "Ziggy Marley & The Wailers", in 2013 in Gainesville, FL at The JAM festival. Norman relocated to the PNW in late 2013 to pursue his dream of a music career and meet with a record label in Salem, OR, which fell through right before arriving. Norman made the trip across the country into a DIY tour, playing at open mics, blues jams, street corners, and little beatnik coffee shops, arriving in the PNW in November with only $15, living in his car, and street performing to get by.
The Chrysalis Effect project band was formed in 2015, in Tacoma, WA. The project has since toured throughout WA state, and OR. Releasing the self-produced "HelloJudeProductions" EP in 2016, named after Norman's first child born, "Jude" in 2015, also "6 AM Hangups" single in early 2018, about losing yourself to a job you hate to provide, and the full-length "Lantern" in late 2019, a concept album in tribute to Norman's fiance' Aili, about letting Love be your Lantern, to guide you through the darkness of life sometimes. The project put out an EP titled "Back Down To Earth", in June 2021 through Aldora Britain Records,
- "A concept record about getting back in touch with your roots, relaxing, and de-stressing so that we have a clearer vision of the reality of the world and life as we know it" -Dain Norman
The first single "Fellow Man" from the EP received airplay on 14 + radio programs throughout Europe, Australia, and America.
Norman has also been recording and producing the TCE project's second full-length album, "Shades of Blue", with co-production on a handful of tracks done at London Bridge studios by legendary producer Jonathan Plum, who has worked with acts such as Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Sound Garden, and currently Brandi Carlile.
The title track, "Shades Of Blue/What You're Worth" was put out on Aldora Britain Records, and received airplay on 30 + stations in Europe, Australia, and America, including KBCS 91.3 FM out of Bellevue.
"The record is a reflection of the psychology of people at large internally in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, living in shades of blue, with themes of 1960s peace and love in a single breath." -Dain Norman

Reviews of Songs from Shades of Blue-

"When Will This World Be One?
DAIN NORMAN is a modern-day rockstar cut from a different cloth. With his band, THE CHRYSALIS EFFECT, Dain rewinds time to an era when rock and roll was a force for cultural and societal change, preaching important messages such as peace, love, and understanding. Having written rousing anthems including ‘When Will This World Be One?', ‘Heal The Earth (And All Its People)', and ‘We Can Have Peace Tomorrow', he has continuously evolved and could be easily compared as a contemporary answer to John Lennon, if only the mainstream music world allowed. The messages, themes, and topics that are entwined with his glorious musical output are nothing short of breathtaking, and that is the real truth."- Aldora Britain Records, February 2023

"Shades Of Blue' delves deeper into The Chrysalis Effect's love of vintage swampy psychedelia. There are technicolour outbursts in abundance and a more restrained melancholic feel too. It is a perfect juxtaposition. It is a song of feeling and emotion, led by Norman's signature soulful vocal, celestial and heavenly in equal measure. A voice of yesteryear, an approach that has become lost in this auto-tune world that we live in. There is a drive and tightness too, the band having cut their teeth on the live circuit of Tacoma, Washington and beyond. What You're Worth' sits alongside 'Shades Of Blue' brilliantly, harking back to the days when the A and B-sides vied for poll position. It is further evidence of Norman's fantastic songwriting ability, and his universal message of love and understanding. For fans of George Harrison, Procol Harum, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Creedence Clearwater Revival." -Aldora Britain Records, December 2021

"For fans of Buddy Holly, Phil Spector, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, and George Harrison. Our good friends from Washington, Dain Norman and The Chrysalis Effect, return to Aldora Britain Records with an infectious new single, 'Love Burns'. The track is backed-up by B-side 'Cabin In The Woods By The Sea'. 'Love Burns' is a glorious sun-soaked single that swings between a soulful psychedelic version of Buddy Holly and a Phil Spector-produced epic. It is brimming with messages of peace, love and understanding, as is often the case with Dain Norman's soul-searching lyrics. All in all, it reignites the passion of the sixties and the long-lost wisdom of the Summer of Love. A golden era composition brought to life in today's world. 'Cabin In The Woods By The Sea' backs up 'Love Burns' more than ably. It is an acoustic troubadour's brilliant rambling with added earthy grit and percussive flair aplenty. A quintessential Dain Norman B-side that reinforces and adds to the message of the A-side. Another fine outing from Dain Norman and the Chrysalis Effect."- Aldora Britain Records Sep. 2022

"Tacoma's Dain Norman returns to Aldora Britain Records with The Chrysalis Effect in tow. This is their latest single 'Minds', backed up by 'Let The Love Flow'. 'Minds' captures the soulful spirit of Dain Norman's music, venturing into the territories of jungle Earth rock. This sound is expansive and free-flowing, enhanced with movement and feeling, building and evolving throughout its duration. 'Let The Love Flow' is similarly brimming with soul and emotion. There is a deep sense of longing and a nostalgic feeling to Norman's vocals here, an almost melancholic, well-worn quality. This single is an exceptional addition to Dain Norman & The Chrysalis Effect's blossoming discography.For fans of The Beatles, Leon Bridges, Sam Cooke, Nirvana, and MC5."






About Lizzie Clauss

Lizzie Clauss