Pet Friendly Pubs

Bring Along Your Pet, We Don't Mind

Out and about with Fido or Fluffy? Stop by any of the locations listed here, where your four-legged friend can curl up on the sidewalk or seek shade under a patio table.

To meet regulations, we ask pet owners to follow these rules: keep your pet leashed while dining with us in the designated areas, do not allow your dog on any furnishings or provide it food, and kindly pick up after your furry companions.

Portland Metro

  • 23rd Avenue Bottle Shop – Sidewalk seating only
  • Back Stage Bar – Sidewalk seating only
  • Bagdad Theater & Pub – Sidewalk seating only
  • Barley Mill Pub – Sidewalk seating only
  • Blue Moon Tavern & Grill – Sidewalk seating only
  • Chapel Pub - Patio seating only
  • Cornelius Pass Roadhouse - Designated outdoor seating areas only
  • Cedar Hills – Outdoor tables adjacent to the parking lot on the south side of the building. No pets on the patio
  • Fulton Pub & Brewery – Sidewalk seating only
  • Greater Trumps – Sidewalk seating only
  • Greenway Pub – Front patio only
  • Hal's Café – Sidewalk seating only
  • Highland Pub & Brewery – Sidewalk seating only
  • Hillsdale Brewery & Public House – Front patio only
  • Ironwork Grill – The side patio only
  • John Barleycorns - Patio seating only
  • Market Street Pub – All outside seating
  • Monroe – Sidwalk seating only
  • Murray & Allen – All outdoor seating
  • Oak Hills Brewpub – All outdoor seating
  • Pat's Corner – At the red picnic tables only
  • Raleigh Hills Pub – Pets allowed at two tables adjacent to the parking lot. No pets on the patio
  • Rams Head – Sidewalk seating only
  • Ringler's Annex – Sidewalk seating only
  • Rock Creek Tavern - West patio facing NW Old Cornelius Pass Road only
  • Sherwood – All outdoor seating
  • St. Johns Theater & Pub – Outdor patio seating only
  • Sunnyside – Sidewalk seating only
  • Tavern & Pool – Sidewalk seating only
  • Thompson Brewery & Public House - Front yard, picnic tables only
  • West Linn – Front exterior seating only
  • White Eagle Saloon – Sidewalk seating only
  • Wilsonville – Pets allowed at the outside tables around the pub.

Greater Oregon

  • Boon's Treasury – Front patio only
  • Corvallis (Third Street) – All outdoor seating
  • East 19th Street – All outdoor seating
  • High Street – Front patio only
  • Lighthouse Brewpub – Front sidewalk seating only
  • Old St. Francis School Pub – Side patio only (no pets on the patio in front)
  • Roseburg Station Pub & Brewery – Front sidewalk seating only
  • Sand Trap Pub – North patio seating only


  • East Vancouver – Sidewalk seating only
  • Mill Creek – Outside on the patio areas
  • Six Arms – Outside on the patio areas
  • Spar Café – Outside on the patio areas


  • Anderson School - Pets must be on leashes or in crates while they are in any public or common places within the hotel and are allowed in select hotel rooms for a fee
  • Crystal Hotel – Pets are allowed on sidewalk seating only and in hotel rooms for a fee
  • Edgefield - Pets are allowed on patios and outside around the Edgefield property, as well as in hotel rooms for a fee. They are not allowed in the Black Rabbit Courtyard or the Power Station Pub
  • Gearhart Hotel – Pets are allowed on part of the back patio and in hotel rooms for a fee
  • Grand Lodge – Pets are allowed at the red picnic tables at Pat's Corner and the side patio of the Ironwork Grill, and in select hotel rooms for a fee
  • Hotel Oregon – Hotel Oregon allows pets at our sidewalk pub seating only, and in hotel rooms for a fee
  • Kalama Harbor Lodge – Pets are allowed outdoors on the north patio adjacent to the Lounge, as well as Ahles Point Cabin, and in hotel rooms for a fee
  • Kennedy School – Pets allowed at the tables in front of hotel, served by the Courtyard Restaurant, and in hotel rooms for a fee
  • Old St. Francis School – Pets are allowed on the side patios and in hotel rooms for a fee
  • Olympic Club – Pets are allowed in the hotel rooms for a fee. Sorry, pets are not allowed anywhere else on property due to city ordinances
  • White Eagle – Pets are allowed on our sidewalk pub seating only, and in hotel rooms for a fee