Food Sources

We aim to use natural, local ingredients as often as possible to achieve the highest standard of quality menu offerings. Here are local vendors who help us fulfill that aim:

Fruit & Produce

Charlie's Produce: A regional, employee owned business that distributes produce to our Portland and Seattle area locations.
Hood River Organic: A certified 0rganic farm in Hood River that supplies mushrooms and other seasonal items to Edgefield.
Wild Roots Farm: A local company owned by a McMenamins employee, that provides various produce to Edgefield.
Dancing Roots Farm: A small family farm in Corbett, Oregon providing high quality, fresh produce to Edgefield.
Fiddlehead Farm: A small, multi-generational family farm that is certified organic and provides various produce to Edgefield.

We grow food used onsite at select locations: Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, Rock Creek Tavern, Grand Lodge, Edgefield, Wilsonville and Kennedy School. Likewise, we have rooftop produce gardens at Hal's Café & Hotel Oregon. In addition, we grow herbs and greens in barrels at various properties.


US Baking /Franz
Gluten-Free Concepts: A local business based in Portland that provides us with gluten-free pizza dough. 
Udi's Gluten Free: An organization that provides gluten-free buns for all of our locations.
Marsee Baking: A Pacific Northwest organization that distributes desserts & specialty breads to our locations.


Tillamook® Cheese: A farmer-owned company in Tillamook, Oregon that provides cheese to all of our locations.
Wind Mountain Creamery: A locally owned and operated company from Home Valley, Washington that provides goat cheese to the Black Rabbit Restaurant at Edgefield.

We make ice cream in-house at: Edgefield, Old St. Francis School, & Anderson School.


Country Natural Beef: A regional Rancher's co-op in Oregon that we've partnered with for more than 20 years. They provide us with the all-natural ground beef for our burgers. Beef is strictly raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.
Columbia Empire Meat Company: A fourth-generation family-owned business that grinds Country Natural Beef™ for us and distributes meat to our Oregon Coast and Portland area locations.
SP Provisions: A small Portland-based purveyor that supplies naturally fed, growth hormone-free beef to the Black Rabbit Restaurant at Edgefield. 
Childers Meat: A family operated business located in Eugene that provides meat for our Eugene, Corvallis, Bend & Roseburg sites. They also grind our grass-fed burgers for those locations.
Zenner's Sausage Company: A locally owned business that provides us with Terminator Kielbasa and Hammerhead Bratwurst. 
Hill Meat: A family owned and operated company in Pendleton, Oregon that distributes bacon, ham and Canadian bacon to all of our locations.
Eggs: We only use local, cage-free and certified humane eggs.

Other Suppliers

Tater Tots®: Founded in the 1950s, Ore-Ida was the pioneer of Tater Tots, and is based in Ontario, Oregon. We use their Tater Tots® exclusively at all locations.
Beaverton Foods: This local company makes our Terminator Stout whole-grain mustard, and our Dijon mustard that uses Edgefield Chardonnay.
Desserts of Distinction: Based in Milwaukie, this company provides: Black & Tan Brownies, Salted Caramel Hazelnut Tarts and more. 
Portlandia Foods: Makers of Portland Ketchup! They also craft our Raspberry Ruby Jam served at our breakfast locations and for sale in our gift shops.
Conan's Island Juju Hot Sauce: A local company owned by a McMenamins employee, that produces our custom hot sauces.