While our brewery is still crafting beers, it is not open for tours at this time.

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Hammerhead's 36th Birthday
Tuesday, Jan 25
National Tot Day
Wednesday, Feb 02
Hogshead 20th Birthday
Sunday, Mar 06
St. Patrick's Day
Thursday, Mar 17

About Queen Anne Brewery

Established: March 1995
2016 Brewery Production: 630 barrels • 1,260 kegs • 156,240 pints

McMenamins brewpub on Roy Street in Seattle opened its doors and began brewing in March 1995. With a brewery that's in full view (and within arm's length) of diners, McMenamins Queen Anne offers an intimate and ongoing study of the brewing arts and sciences. In a sense it is a 'fish bowl' brewery (think: Lighthouse, Oak Hills) without the bowl.  Which can make things mighty exciting sometimes...

With the lineage of colorful characters conducting business in the open air brewery (including Matt Stromberg, Jeff "Bones" Thomas, Tim "Roy" Streeter, Tony Balzola and current brewmaster Brian Lawrence) Queen Anne can boast of an equally colorful history of ales crossing the bar.  

Of the many fine brews crafted here, it is notable that original house brewer Tom Goodham's chamomile infused Wedding Ale is still talked about among Queen Anne's circle of regulars.  That there is some staying power.

Bring in your growler for these fills from our taps:

(or purchase a glass growler at any of our locations)

Beer Hard Cider
32 ounce  starting at $8.50 (+ $6 with growler) 32 ounce starting at $9.50 (+ $6 with growler)
64 ounce  starting at $17 (+ $8 with growler) 64 ounce starting at $19 (+ $8 with growler)

Get fills on special at the Pubs:

Growler Fill Card
Fill a 64-oz growler ten times and enjoy a free fill. Pick up a fill card at any McMenamins and get a stamp each time you fill a 64-oz growler with McMenamins beer or cider. After your tenth, you’ve earned a $15 gift card so you can top off with the McMenamins draft of your choice!

Beer Monday: $2 off 64-oz growler of McMenamins beer
Crowler Tuesday: $2 off 32-oz Crowler of McMenamins beer or cider
Cider Wednesday: $3 off 64-oz growler of Edgefield apple or seasonal cider

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Our cans of signature Ruby and Hammerhead are available at all locations. Ask about seasonal and limited-edition cans and bottles as well.

Offered at our 23rd Avenue Bottle ShopCedar HillsCornelius Pass RoadhouseElks Temple Bottle ShopRoseburg Station Pub & Brewery and Winery Tasting Room (just for cider), a Crowler is a 32-ounce vessel that we fill fresh from an ale or cider tap of your choice and seal up.

Kegs/Cornelius Can

Shipping Beer
Now shipping to anywhere in Oregon
Call the Edgefield Gift Shop to order:
7 am –9 pm Pacific Time

Max 24 cans per order per state law