Fermentation Chamber

In the depths of the Grand Lodge, we’re transforming fresh vegetables and herbs to concoct new flavors. Our fermentista makes small-batch sauerkrauts, giardiniera, curtido, hopped pickles, vinegars and shrubs – and these jarred delights are being woven into entrees and cocktails served on the property.

Check the menu for the “Ale Tasters Chop Salad” with house-made giardiniera, an Italian relish of crisp, pickled vegetables in vinegar or oil. Or try the “Lemon Linguini” featuring house-preserved lemons for a whole new taste of tart. Ask a bartender for the special “Strawberry Moon” cocktail, whose star is the house-made strawberry rhubarb shrub – a drinking vinegar with just the right amounts of fruit, sugar and vinegar.