Saturday, September 19, 2020


Julie McCarl

Kennedy School

All day, live music 6-9 pm

All ages welcome

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*Beer may move inside to Theater, due to weather conditions.

Qualifies for “Attend a McMenamins Brewfest” Experience Stamp.

About Oktoberfest



Oktoberfest means celebration and beer, so we're combining the spirit of a brewfest with Oktoberfest - even in this socially distanced world. We'll be serving up tasty German-style specials, beer taster trays, 4-oz. samples and pints of German-style beer, with live music as a backdrop to it all - for three days running. Find it all on the front lawn, along with the McMenamins beer truck!

And for folks celebrating at home, we've got a taste of Germany to go:

• Terminator Stout Kielbasa
• Hammerhead Ale Bratwurst
• Pint of Kümmel Kraut
• German Brown Mustard
• And of course, beer in cans or growlers to go!

McMenmins Kümmel Kraut
Bubbling away in Grand Lodge's Fermentation Chamber, you'll find all kinds of delicious concoctions, one of which is our Kümmel Kraut, made specially for Oktoberfest. We add caraway -a native to Germany - to classic kraut for a delicious pairing with German-style sausages. And it's good for you!

Live Music in the Gym

Please sit at designated tables only and maintain social distancing at all times.

Julie McCarl 6 - 9 pm

Featured Beers

Ayinger Oktoberfest - 5.8% ABV
Deep golden colored with a lightly sweet, malty taste balanced with floral hops

Ayinger Maibock - 6.8% ABV
A big-bodied beer with a sweet, malty aroma and a fruity long lasting aftertaste

Ayinger Bavarian Pils - 5.3% ABV
A brisk golden lager with snappy hop aroma and velvety-soft malt flavor

Pinkus Organic Munster Alt - 5.1% ABV
A pale golden color with a herbaceous aroma, delicate fruit-acid palate, and a long dry finish

Radeberger Pils - 4.8% ABV
Pale golden color, predominantly hoppy taste with a subtly distinct note of bitterness

Schofferhoffer Grapefruit Radler - 2.5% ABV
50/50 blend of Schofferhoffer Hefeweizen and real grapefruit juice. Sparkling refreshment!

About Julie McCarl

Eclectic blues/cajun/anything

Julie McCarl

Julie McCarl has worked as a professional musician wearing many hats since age 18. Starting her career at the top, of a mountain that is...Timberline Lodge...she sang with a jazz group for many years and also formed many "folk groups" throughout the years. Her mentor, Mr. Richard Kohnstamm produced an album called simply "Julie" and it was sold at Timberline. She has self-produced other albums..."Sweet Dreams and Lullabies".. and co-produced with Pat Schweibert a project called "Momma". She wrote several of the songs on that album.

She had the wonderful opportunity to go to Japan and sing there for 3 months in Toyonaka, outside Osaka and then to travel to Okinawa for a two month stint at the Manza Beach Resort with her daughter Shannon, who joined her in singing and experiencing the culture!

She has taught music lessons....and studied music....the whole time, feeling that music is definitely a gift to be shared in as many ways as possible....the world seems to need more harmony than ever!!! Currently she works at the Portland Waldorf School accompanying the Eurhythmy classes and teaches private lessons and plays with a wonderful group called "Bodacious" eclectic blues/Cajun/anything goes group! They have just finished producing their first CD called "Love's De' Bottom Line"

She also continues to work as a single, playing piano and guitar, singing...and writing tunes and hoping for a more peaceful world!