Thorndike Room FAQ’s

What is the maximum capacity of the room?


How does one access the space for their reservation? 

Check in at The Woodshop host stand, they will provide checklist for cleaning that will need to be signed by manager on duty once the event has concluded. 

What is the age requirement to reserve the room?


Are children allowed in the room?

Yes, they must be supervised at all times.

Can the room be reserved on Friday or Saturday evenings?

No, the room is available on Friday or Saturday from 11:30am-3pm.

Is there a food and beverage minimum?

No, there is no fee to reserve The Thorndike Room.

Are decorations allowed? 

Yes, however, Anderson School policy prohibits taping, tacking, or stapling to any surface. 

Can a fee be charged to guests for Thorndike Events? 

No, all events in the community room must be free to attend.

Can products be sold in the Thorndike room? 

No, nothing can be sold out of the room. 

Can a group access the space earlier or later than when it has been reserved? 

No, group may access The Thorndike Room only during hours requested. 

Can a group/host bring in homemade food? 

Yes, food from home is acceptable. 

Can a group/host bring outside catering, take-out, or outside professionally premade food? 

No, with the exception of celebration cakes and desserts. 

Who is responsible for cleaning the room after an event?

The individual who has reserved the room. A checklist will be given when checking in. 

Can a group/individual post signs around the property to promote their event? 


Does McMenamins have storage space available for food items?

No, however guests are allowed to bring in their own coolers, ice to keep items cold. 

Is music allowed in the room? 

Yes, you are welcome to bring in a Bluetooth speaker. 

Are there different tables that can be used? 

No, standard set up is 6-8 small bistro tables, plus 1 6’-8’ rectangular table, however this cannot be guaranteed. There may be other types of tables in the space depending on property needs.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Click on your reservation on the calendar and delete. 

Are there windows in the room? 

The only windows in The Thorndike Room are in the doors leading to the garden area.  (2) ~ 1ft.x2ft. in size. 

Does McMenamins offer A/V equipment to use in the space?

No. Guests are welcome to bring in their own.

Can guests order food and drinks from the bar? 

Yes, guests are welcome to open their own tab at the bar.