Tuesday, March 17, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day Across the Land

Anderson School

All day; live music Noon - 10 pm

Free admission

All ages welcome

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About St. Patrick’s Day Across the Land

We're marking our favorite holiday with seasonal McMenamins Irish Stout, Irish Coffee, Irish Reuben & MacSleyne Irish Stew. Bring your Passport to get the green just-for-fun stamp, just for stopping by!

Bottles of Devils Bit can be purchased to-go at the following locations.

Live Music:

Haynes' Hall
Stark Raving Plaid • 6 - 10 pm

The Shed
Seaster • Noon - 2 pm

Cavort Celtic • 3 - 6 pm

Event Schedule

The Dublin Letters

Celtic Folk-Rock

6 - 10 pm

Haynes' Hall

The Dublin Letters

Stark Raving Plaid combines traditional Celtic music with modern-day feel, while keeping the tunes energetic, entertaining and upbeat. It weaves a thread from the ancient past through classic rock, soul and modern grooves. There are always unexpected twists and turns. You never know what's going to happen at a Stark Raving Plaid show!

It started with John Moen a celtic band veteran, singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Next came Christopher Peck, an established mandolin, guitar, and brass player. Then add his partner in groove Brysen Bristow, a self-acclaimed party animal, art lover and killer bassist. Locking in the rhythm section on drums is Stu Weitzman a monster on the drum kit. Last but certainly not least, our own little rock star Alice Tilton on fiddle. Her blazing fingers would lock people into a trance if they weren't already dancing!





Celtic/folk/maritime & more

Noon - 2 pm

The Shed


Over the last 12 years we've made so much music. We've played bars, coffeehouses, train stations, hardware stores, video arcades, house concerts, big auditoriums, and we have toured in eight countries!

We have been noted as sounding “authentic” and “timeless”.

We tangle dusty dreams, salty seas, with a silver lining and a ray of hope.
We are a unique fusion of Celtic, Folk, Maritime, Americana, and Bluegrass with echos of psychedelic and rock. We do not fit into one genre.  We hate labels. We love it all.

Northwest Music Scene wrote, "It’s not hard to imagine them singing these songs on the snowy shores of a fjord somewhere in northern Europe, as a wooden ship is sailing off on another journey. Using broad strokes, SeaStar paints vivid pictures, foregoing paintbrushes for musical instruments and lyrics, with the thundering vocals of Fae Wiedenhoeft as the driving force behind most of the music. If you are even remotely interested in Celtic music, you should love the way the band blends it with other genres to come up with their own unique style.”

We are honest, hardworking folks who love a good gathering of people to commune.  Music is medicine in a broken world. Let’s raise the vibration and create something beautiful.





Cavort Celtic

3 - 6 pm

The Shed