Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Grand Lodge Virtual History Pub

Wine and Whiskey in the Wild West

Grand Lodge - Grand Lodge Theater

Event goes live at 7 pm


All ages welcome

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All McMenamins locations are open for takeout, including food, beer, wine, cider and coffee, using proper COVID19 precautions. Call your order in and then swing by to pick up beer and tots to recreate the full History Pub experience at home.

About Wine and Whiskey in the Wild West

Wine and Whiskey in the Wild West

Presented by: Author Ken Bilderback

This program traces the pivotal role that the battle over alcohol has played in Oregon's history, including right here in Forest Grove. One of the most intense stories related in in this presentation began in front of what today is McMenamins Grand Lodge. Two cops were kidnapped by bootleggers at gunpoint and then years later, one of the cops was murdered by another bootlegger. Come hear the rest of the story and more like it!

About the Speaker:
Ken and Kris Bilderback have authored four history books that have won prizes for history and literature at book festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and San Francisco. Their latest, Law and Order at the End of the Oregon Trail, explores the role of race, gender, and anti-government sentiment in the evolution of Oregon jurisprudence.

About Grand Lodge Virtual History Pub

Grand Lodge Virtual History Pub

McMenamins History is pleased to broadcast live, free virtual programming, accessible to anyone with a Facebook account. We’ll bring you scholars, writers, experiencers, experts and more who will give presentations on Pacific Northwest history. Join us for these scheduled events on the McMenamins History page on Facebook – and don’t forget to stock up on your favorite McMenamins beer, wine, cider and more beforehand!