Meet the "Crowlers"

It's a can...It's a growler...No, it's a Crowler®!

It's a can...It's a growler...No, it's a Crowler®!

The Crowler® is a one-use, recyclable 32 oz. can that's filled and seamed right at the bar. As an alternative to a growler, its light, portable and keeps the beer fresher longer. The Bottle Shop is the only McMenamins with a Crowler.

We purge the cans with CO2 before filling them, which helps assure that there is no beer-degrading oxygen added to the beer. The Crowler® is then immediately filled. The lid is applied and sealed under pressure. Stored correctly, the Crowler® keeps the beer or cider fresh and shelf stable for up to six months.  

McMenamins Beer On Draft
Choose from our 20 taps of beer or cider:

McMenamins Ales $7 
High Gravity Ales $8
Brewmaster's Reserve Ales $11
Edgefield Ciders $8.80
Guest Beer on Draft Price will vary

Only an additional $1 to get 32 ounces of your favorite brew in a Crowler®!