Using barrels fresh from our own distillery or winery, we house coffee beans for three months of aging – at which time the beans absorb the barrel flavor, then we roast them, bag them, and send them to our gift shops.  

Our Current Barrel offerings:

• Billy Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Indian Biodynamic: We chose this interesting coffee from India that is grown using biodynamic farming practices to pair with our Billy Rye Whiskey barrel due to its bright citrus and cranberry notes. This coffee is a nice match for the Billy Rye Whiskey. Available 2/14/18

• Hogshead Whiskey Barrel-Aged El Salvador Las Isabellas Bourbon: Our farm-direct El Salvador was chosen to pair with the Hogshead Whiskey barrel. We love having this coffee every year and think this is a perfect match. Citrus and chocolate notes in the coffee will pair nicely with the Hogshead Whiskey. Available 4/12/18

12-ounce bag, $12 * Seasonals available quarterly at our larger retail locations (Edgefield, Kennedy School, Bottle Shop, Anderson School) & select smaller gift shops.