New: Seasonal Barrel-Aged Coffee

Using barrels fresh from our own distillery or winery, we house coffee beans for three months of aging – at which time the beans absorb the barrel flavor, then we roast them, bag them, and send them to our gift shops.  

We did two versions for inaugural batches, which are now for sale:

• Hogshead Whiskey Barrel-aged New Guinea: This coffee has a rich body with depth and balance. The time it spent in the whisky barrel imparted the aromas and flavors from our Hogshead Whiskey into the coffee. Its distinct aroma makes it enticing to whisky fans, as well as a great coffee experience that has whisky flavors without the alcohol.

• Tradicional Port Barrel-aged Ethiopia Limu Natural: This coffee is a traditional natural processed coffee from the Limu region of Ethiopia. We paired it with the Port Barrel to give it a wine-like aroma and flavor. Ethiopian natural coffees tend to have very pronounced fruit notes, which work well with the flavors from the time resting in the barrel. 

12-ounce bag, $11.50 * Seasonals available quarterly at our larger retail locations (Edgefield, Kennedy School, Bottle Shop, Anderson School) & select smaller gift shops.