Thorndike Room

A community room at Anderson School

Looking for a place to host your next birthday bash? How about that upcoming family reunion? We're pleased to offer the Thorndike Room as a free space for all residents of the community. To help you plan your next event, we've gathered together some helpful information. 

Map of Room  FAQ's

General Information:

  • Capacity: 35 people
  • Age Requirement: All user applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Use of the Community Room is free of charge
  • Conducting business cannot take place in the community room. Work meetings and team meetings are acceptable; however nothing can be sold out of the room and a business cannot be run from the community room
  • All events in the community room must be free to attend
  • Wall decorations are not permitted
  • Thorndike Room key can be checked out at The Woodshop

Available Rental Times: 

  • Sunday - Thursday • 11am-11pm
  • Friday - Saturday* •  11am-3pm
  • *Please note the Community Room is not available after 3pm on Friday & Saturday.
Room Setup:
  • Tables: Standard set up is 6-8 small bistro tables, plus 1 - 8’ rectangular table, however, this can not be guaranteed. There may be other types of tables in the space depending on property needs.
  • No linens provided.
  • You are welcome to move tables around, however the space needs to be reset to how it was found.

You may bring in personal sack lunches, water and soda. Any additional catering, including all alcohol, is available only through McMenamins. You are welcome to order food and beverages from The Woodshop Bar on the day of your event. No outside alcohol is allowed in the Community Room.

How do you make a reservation?
Please fill out the form below.

Note that reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance.