McMenamins UFO Fest

at Hotel Oregon in McMinnville, OR

Join us for our 24th annual festival!

May 17 & 18, 2024

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The 24th annual UFO Festival will enter Earth’s atmosphere and land in McMinnville, Oregon in May! Don your favorite deely-boppers and get ready for a weekend that is truly out of this world. Listen to talks from our expert speakers as they explain that yes, in fact, the truth IS out there. Or if audience participation is more your speed, dress up in your wildest alien outfit and join the outlandish parade, the costume ball, the parties and so much more! And no matter what you choose to do, we’ll be here to supply the Alienator IPA. Check out the event schedule for more details!

This UFO Festival began at our historic Hotel Oregon property in 1999 as a way to mark the famous 1950 Trent UFO sighting in the area, and it has evolved into an epic celebration of all things extraterrestrial.