Old St. Francis School - The Rooms Have Names!

Guestrooms at Old St. Francis are each the namesake of those who once frequented the school, such as the Donna Lutzky Room, the school's first art teacher. Which historical figure will you learn more about in their lair?
Old St. Francis School - Art House
1101|Harry's Ghost
1104|Good Beer Day
1105|Ruby's Mirror
1106|Memories of the Journey 
1107|In Good Company
1109|Beauty and the Bathrooms
1201|Time of my Life
1202|Curtains Blew Open and It Was the 80s
1203|I love You, Little Pig
1204|My Kennedy School
1205|Hoppity and Troppity 
1209|Self Portrait En Masse
1210|Ode to the Goddess of Six Arms                                          
1301|The Magic Lamp of Art 
1302|The One Who is Looking
1303|The Bright Student of Kennedy School
1304|Our Lady of the Pies