Saturday, July 22, 2023

Peter Rodocker

Edgefield - Winery Tasting Room

7pm to 9pm


21 and over

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About Peter Rodocker

Peter Rodocker

Writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Peter Rodocker records eclectic pop/rock colored by banjo, mandolin, and accordion. Drawing on rock, pop, indie and traditional Irish influences among many others, his sound is both foreign and familiar, while unapologetically hooky and accessible. He's written, recorded, and produced music that has been featured in both film and TV, and his sound has drawn comparisons to Neil Finn, Gomez, and Rufus Wainwright.

His solo live performances make use of compositional on-the-fly looping of vocals, guitar, mandolin and tin whistle in a fashion reminiscent of Andrew Bird, Theresa Andersson and K.T. Tunstall. He has a conversational relationship with the audience and allows interactions with them to lead where the show will go. While his performances consist mostly of original material, he covers artists from Edie Brickell to The National to Outkast. He is now playing in support of his second self-produced record, Mediations Between You and I.


(5 of 5 Stars) "Comparable to bands like Crowded House and Toad the Wet Sprocket with subtle Irishy textures-in other words, outstanding." --Vincent Wynne,

"You'll like this music from the get-go, and like it even more as you play it over and over." --Randy Sanders, Columbia River Reader

"After spinning Mediations Between You And I a few times it's easy to see why so many folks are interested in Rodocker's music. He writes and plays very accessible and melodic modern pop that can easily be understood and appreciated by the average listener."