Saturday, June 3, 2023

Inaugural Grand Lodge Brewfest

Grand Lodge

2-8pm, 1pm early entry for advance ticket holders

Advance tickets are sold out, limited amount of tickets will be available at the door for $35

21 and over

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Beers & Ciders, Wine, Spirits & more!

About Inaugural Grand Lodge Brewfest

Inaugural Grand Lodge Brewfest

Join us for Grand Lodge's first ever brewfest! We're returning to our brewts (broots? brew-oots?) for this one: a celebration of beer (24 of them), cider, wine and spirits. What could be better? No, seriously: Cold-brew coffee? Specialty fermented products? Unique cocktails? Yep, all those, plus you'll find live music, food and more!

Some of your FAQs, answered:

  • You'll need a ticket to enter the brewfest venue
  • Ticket includes admission, 10 tokens and a commemorative glass. Tokens valid for all tastings!
  • No outside food, beverages or coolers, please
  • Bring lawn chairs and blankets, and get comfortable!
  • Ciders are gluten free, but beers are not
  • Well-behaved, leashed dogs always welcome

Live Music

2-3:30pm * Jay Si Proof
4-5:30pm * Megan Diana
6-8pm * The Old Yellers

Handcrafted Beverages


McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Brewery
Dia Dorada Mexican Lager

McMenamins Crystal Brewery
Adelitas Mexican Lager

Ancestry Brewing
Cloud Kicker Hazy IPA

Block 15 Brewing Co.
Fresh Flow IPA

McMenamins Edgefield Brewery
Firecracker Pop Sour

McMenamins Fulton Brewery
Box Set Double IPA

Chehalem Valley Brewing
Smokey Daze Hazy IPA

ForeLand Beer
Meadowscape Pils

McMenamins High Street Brewery
Grandma Lora's IPA

McMenamins John Barleycorns Brewery
Ice Box Cold IPA

Heater Allen Brewing

Integrity Brewing Co.
Even Flow NW IPA

McMenamins Lighthouse Brewery
Alienator IPA

McMenamins on Monroe Brewery
Dreamweaver Pilsner

Mazama Brewing
Juicy IPA

Ridgewalker Brewing
Smash Brews.

McMenamins Oak Hills Brewery
Chocolate Cream Stout

McMenamins Old St. Francis School Brewery
Happy Farmer

Steeplejack Brewing Co.
Luminosa Pale Ale

Three Mugs Brewing Co.
Peach Kölsch

McMenamins Thompson Brewery
Briseno Mexican Dark Lager

McMenamins Wilsonville Brewery
Ruby Kisses

Vertigo Brewing
Apricot Cream Ale

Waltz Brewing
Mule Skinner Bitter


McMenamins Edgefield Winery
Blueberry Peach Cider
Cherry Cider
Lavender Elixir Cider
Tropical Wave Cider

Portland Cider Co.
Original Gold Cider
Passion Orange Guava Cider

Swift Cider
Peach Blossom Cider
Strawberry Cider

Bauman's Cider
Boysenberry Lemonade Cider
My Own Private Idaho 7 Cider

Bull Run Cider
Blueberry Lemon Cider
Springboard Semi-Sweet Cider


McMenamines Edgefield Winery
2018 Black Rabbit Red
2019 WV Pinot Noir
2020 White Rabbit
2021 Umbrella Jimmy

Sake One
Momokawa Diamond Junmai Ginjo
Moonstone Asian Pear
G Joy Junmai Ginjo Genshu
Yomi Junmai Ginjo

McMenamins Whiskey

Hogshead Whiskey
Hogshead Whiskey Longest Night - 7 Year
Monkey Puzzle Whiskey
Billy Wheat Whiskey
Billy Rye Whiskey
Phil Whiskey - 9 year old - Muscat Port Barrel Finish


Blue Pines
McMenamins All Blues Berry Shrub, pineapple, fresh-squeezed orange & 7-Up.

Pacific Mule
Joe Penney's Gin, Yuzu Shrub, fresh-squeezed lemon & ginger beer.


All-Blues Berry Drop
Spar Citrus Vodka, All-Blues Berry Shrub & fresh-squeezed lemon.

Yuzu & Tonic
Yuzu shrub & tonic water.

Iced Coffee

Honduras Finca Amate
San Andrés Municipality, Lempira, Honduras

Chocolate-Dipped Banana
Strawberry Moon
Yuzu Sol


About Jay Si Proof

Jay Si Proof

Jay Si Proof, or JSP, is the philosophical indie funk vision of multi-instrumentalist composer/arranger Jeff Chilton (Jay Si) whose credits include performing with The Diamonds, The Platters, Broken Social Scene, and recording on over 20 albums by Portland based ensembles. Described as "earth jazz alchemists" by Vortex Magazine, JSP was born in 2019 from the soggy jazz soaked earth of Portland, OR. Since its inception, the band has evolved through adventurous jazz fusion to low-fi jams to a full fledged funk party, all while prioritizing genuine messages of spirituality and human betterment in the midst of endless modern crises. Jay Si is joined by Lucas James (drums and vocals) JD Erickson (sax and flute), and Corey Heppner (guitar).

About Megan Diana

Megan Diana

Songwriting driven by vintage keyboards, Megan Diana loves a Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes - especially when put thru an echo pedal. She layers her lush voice in choral layers - going atmospheric at times and then all at once back to the center of her chest in a whisper. Her debut record - Women in My Head - written and dedicated to the important women in her life - (her beloved Grandma Mac graces the cover) allows her to bring in her French Horn in equal parts Canadian Brass and Chet Baker (if he played the F Horn). Some songs lean towards Dark Americana Noir, others clearly constructed pop-  with a full band (and new her pedal steel player) things start to turn Western Flavor Florence Welch and have given life to her new genre.


About The Old Yellers


The Old Yellers

The Old Yellers began in early 2001 when founding members Michael Berly and Matty V Hartless came together with the goal to write great songs built around vocal harmonies and well crafted stories. The idea was to write songs with a message that could be felt and understood by nearly anyone. They were soon joined by friends Diego Joyeux and Tim Connell and this core group has been playing together in one form or another ever since.

In the years that followed, albums were made, tours were undertaken, fun was had and many great musicians would take their turn coming in and adding to the overall magic. It is difficult to label them any one thing, because at times they have seemed more Rock and Roll, or Alt-Country, or Americana, or Folk Rock, but there is and always has been, a consistency, a uniqueness, something special, that has woven itself throughout the path they have traveled. Whether you call them The Old Yellers or The Yellers, they are are at heart, an American band, writing and performing their own original music, that above all, strives to evolve the consciousness of the global community and generate a real revolution of spirit.

The Bands powerhouse core has been blessed to surround themselves with a cast of stellar musicians who have, for nearly 15 years, formed the family band that is The Old Yellers. The band defies the limits of categorization into a single genre and can take a crowd on a seamless journey from raucous country honky tonk, to tender heartfelt ballads, past a potential Irish jig and back to the cornerstone of rock and roll all in the span of just a few songs. Yeller music is an eclectic blend of rollicking good time songs that win crowds over again and again.