Friday, March 17, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Anderson School

Anderson School

Live music starting at 1pm

All ages welcome

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About St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

The leprechauns are on our side, bringing us rainbows and merriment for St. Patrick's Day. Join us for multiple days of food & drink specials, McMenamins own Irish Stout, live music and plenty of hijinks.

Live Music and Entertainment All Weekend Long

Friday March 17

Shed Stage
Surly Goats * 1-3:30pm
Pinniped * 4-6:30pm

Bagpiper * 3:30-4pm

Haynes' Hall
Waking Bear * 7-10pm

Saturday March 18

Shed Stage
Cavort * 2-4:30pm
Dusty Jades * 5-8pm

Devils Bit Whiskey

Our St. Patrick's Day whiskey returns! This in-demand spirit only comes around once a year; get it while you can! 200ml flasks go on sale Friday, March 17 at the hotel gift shops, bottle shops, Edgefield Distillery and select locations.

Food & Drink Specials

McMenamins Irish Stout
A fantastic flavor fusion of coffee-like roasted barley bitterness & semi-sweet chocolate with moderate hop bitterness balancing a hearty backbone alongside a smooth, silky creaminess.

Irish Coffee
Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey, McMenamins St. Patrick's Blend coffee, whipped cream

Irish Fries Are Smiling
Fries topped with cheese & ale sauce, crisp bacon, sour cream and green onions

MacSleyne Irish Stew
Traditional lamb stew with hearty vegetables & barley, served with soda bread & butter

The following specials vary by property location:

Workingman's Corned Beef & Cabbage
available at Tavern on the Square & The Woodshop
With red potatoes and carrots in Hammerhead Ale broth, served with soda bread & butter

Irish Reuben
available at The Woodshop
Hammerhead-braised corned beef, Swiss cheese, buttermilk coleslaw and mustard sauce on grilled rye with choice of fries or tots

The Good Shepherd's Pie
available at Tavern on the Square
Ground lamb & beef in a rich gravy with veggies topped with baked Yukon Gold mashed potatoes & served with soda bread & butter

available at North Sore Lagoon
Mashed potato casserole with cabbage, carrots, peas & sharp cheddar cheese served with soda bread & butter

About Waking Bear

Waking Bear

Waking Bear is a high vibe, indie rock band from Olympia, Washington putting out high-frequency originals and uplifting audiences into joy and love. Waking Bear shows are a celebration, a ceremony of gratitude for this life. Through original songs and occasional stories, Waking Bear transmits happiness, playfulness, authenticity and will leave you smiling and crying with joy for life. Waking Bear was founded in 2018 and their first full-length album, Trust Fall, released in early 2021. This heartfelt album weaves together themes of trusting the universe, in something greater than ourselves, and that all is working out for the highest good. Waking Bear songs take you on an emotional journey into the heart, through the good times and the bad, leaving listeners feeling inspired to live life to the fullest. "Waking Bear" means coming out of emotional hibernation, expanding self-awareness, and awakening to the deep love and joy that is available to all of us. May we all tune our hearts to this frequency and live in celebration and gratitude for life.

About Pinniped


Puget-Sound based Pinniped plays tunes flowing from the Celtic tradition, with old and new pieces from Ireland, Quebec, and even farther afield.


About Surly Goats

Surly Goats

Created by friends who wanted to enjoy each other's company while getting free drinks The Surly Goats have created a lasting impact on Irish music in their own particular way. After years working as a spy network in the Congo our heroes have settled down in the South Sound area to raise kids and spread the joy of traditional Irish instrumentals and songs to an unsuspecting audience. And possibly sell a few T-Shirts on the way to pay for snacks.