Thursday, November 24, 2022

Minda Lacy

Kalama Harbor Lodge - Harbor Lounge



All ages welcome

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About Minda Lacy

Minda Lacy

Originally from Silver City, N.M., Minda Lacy has been creating music for nearly her entire life. She started playing guitar at eight, learning songs and writing her own. Her head was filled with Joan Baez, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Her placenta was made of the sticky fabric of the forgotten dreams of Bob Dylan. Her mother is half space alien and she once lived in a hole in the ground. All of these have impacted the musician she has become.

Minda is a lyrical, astute singer-songwriter, in the tradition of the blues and Americana, influenced by punk and classic rock. Her lyrics walk a fine line between philosophical meandering and verses so insightful they cut right to the atriums of the heart. Her work is a contemplation of just how hard it can be to connect with people and how vital that is. It speaks to the ways we try to figure out who we are in the first place and the reasons we are even here at all.

After first moving to the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 2012 Minda lived in Olympia, Wash., for three years. During her time in Olympia she played with punk musicians, rockers and other singer-songwriters, and began to refine her own musical interests. Now based out of Southeast Portland, Ore., Minda has been focused on her solo work as well as several collaborations. The most prominent of these is a reformed iteration of her original New Mexican rock band, Bitches in the Beehive, which has been described as “a folk rock band with vaguely morbid psychedelic undertones and a light-hearted sweetness reminiscent of a cool breeze blowing through a chinchillas belly fur.”

In fall of 2015 she released her first solo album, Owl Faces, and her second EP Worms in October 2017 on Outfield Records in Olympia.