Saturday, September 3, 2022

Sam Densmore

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

7 p.m.

$10 in advance, $10 day of show
Limited Seating, first come first serve.
Expect standing room.

21 and over

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About Sam Densmore

Folk-rock singer-songwriter

Sam Densmore

Sam Densmore has a new single and music video coming soon! 2019 will be a busy year, with tour dates throughout the Pacific NW, Alaska, and Europe!

So what would you do if there wasn't any tomorrow? Would you ride naked through the streets of the town on a scooter? Or would you round up some friends, head to the local bar, and live it up as loudly and as boldly as you could? The world may or may not be ending for the characters in the video for "Damn The Consequences," the latest single from Oregon folk-rocker Sam Densmore - but they're sure acting like they're at their final party. Shown on giant karaoke screens, Densmore eggs them on in song, encouraging them to imbibe and disregard any warnings their bodies are sending them.

As always with Sam Densmore, the message is more ambiguous than it first seems. Yes, "Damn The Consequences" - the first single from his forthcoming EP Black Velvet Unicorn - is a terrific party number: it's upbeat, bright, and confidently sung, and a departure from the more reflective material on his 2017 debut full-length Open Marriage. As much as Densmore's narrator craves the escape of "sweet intoxication," it's pretty clear that he realizes that tomorrow - and a heck of a hangover - is coming. That's Sam Densmore: willful enough to throw caution to the wind, but wise enough to expect some self-inflicted wounds.

That broad perspective has made Densmore one of the most acclaimed new voices working in a city and a state renowned for its offbeat, adventurous songwriters. Open Marriage - which addressed the deterioration of ?Densmore's relationship in harsh, frank, and frequently funny language - was met with ecstatic reviews in Portland and beyond. After touring Europe solo in 2017, he came home, wrote all new songs, and revamped his sound and his band to include Paul Paresa (WORTH/Sweet & Juicy) on Keyboards and Backing Vocals, Joey Harmon (Bootes Void/Tango Alpha Tango) on Drums, and Cory West (Liquid Light) on Bass.. His new band features a more electric, high-energy pop-rock vibe. With Black Velvet Unicorn, Sam Densmore is ready to share this new energy with the world.

On camera, however, he's the same wry presence he's always been. In the "Damn The Consequences" clip, he's both master of ceremonies and a dispassionate commentator, walking the streets with his guitar case and earbuds in, part of the town but detached from it, too. Not so for his friends, who select his music joyfully (and maybe a bit drunkenly) at the local karaoke bar. When Densmore appears to sing along with them, their reaction is priceless.

Sam has released a video single titled 'Wide Eyed Tripper' from his full length effort titled Open Marriage. It's had over 12,000 views since it's release in Oct 2016.

Sam's songs have been placed in the Showtime TV series 'Shameless' and the film 'Bear City'. He's also previously released 4 albums with his former band, Silverhawk.

Sam's currently preparing for tour dates in Oregon, Washington, Montana, Alaska, Europe and beyond in 2019. Set lists include songs from his upcoming EP release, Black Velvet Unicorn, new songs, and songs from his previous releases.

Previous Solo Releases include:

2012 Ku Thar Tik/Sad Songs For A Sad World/Cat Years Double EP

2013 Quit Work Make Music EP Split with Curtis Irie

2017 Heavy Mellow - Selections 2010 - 2017

2017 Open Marriage