Sunday, November 10, 2019

Space Planet


Laura Hickli

Cellophane Eyes

Elks Temple - Spanish Ballroom

6 PM doors, 7 PM show

$5 per person, Free for hotel guests

All ages welcome

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About 36?

36? 36? makes pop-punk-neo-jazz-fusion soul music from heaven and hell. 36? makes ballroom dancing music for the disco. 36? makes stupid idiotic music for dogs and fish. 36? makes music that makes you cry and then stabs you in the back. 36? makes music that gives you the finger after buying you ice cream. 36? makes music that comes from the heart even when the heart feels nothing. 36? makes whatever feels right at the time. Are you intrigued? Then light some scented candles, throw on Milk Mountain, lay down on the floor with some Doritos and paint your best friends face. Or, do something else completely weird and ridiculous. Or, do nothing. I have come to realize that the happiest that I have ever been is when I say fuck the rules and do whatever I want. That's what I think everyone should do, and that's what 36? is all about.

About Laura Hickli

Laura Hickli Laura Hickli, currently on indefinite international tour, is a dynamic art pop singer songwriter, classically trained pianist, multi-instrumentalist, band member, studio/session musician, and educator with the Royal Conservatory of Music and The National Music Centre (Canada.) Her unique approach to songwriting combines honest emotional weight with technical expertise, using soulful music as the medium. The captivating power of Hickli’s explosive live performance has encouraged audiences from around the world to take a breath, stop and feel everything along with her from one mesmerizing moment of self reflection to the next. Having grown up in a religious family with severe depression and a keen desire to transcend into daydreams, this home-schooled emotive wonder uses classical and hymnal influence from her meditative prayer cries as the foundation for her unapologetic declarations of mental illnesses, struggle, resilience, and hope.

About Cellophane Eyes

Cellophane Eyes Cellophane Eyes is Sarah and Travis Leever, who met at age 16 and have been partners in crime ever since. Their music is comprised of short songs derived from improvisational jam sessions at their home, Space Planet. Composed of a bass guitar and vocal effects, their songs have very few to no words, but are packed with imagery and meaning. Their songs and aesthetic are inspired by bits and pieces of their childhood, from 80s fantasy films like The Neverending Story, to 8-bit video games, mixed in with vulnerable and sobering reflections on their adult experiences with mental illness and neurodivergence. Through this work, they welcome you into their personal haven of childlike wonder, chaos, escapism, and alternate realities.