Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Olympic Club History Pub


Olympic Club - Olympic Club Theater

6 pm doors, 7 pm program

Free. First come, first served. Arrive early!

All ages welcome

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About Cannabiscadia


Presented by Michael “the Aging Ent” Schroeder

Join us to learn about the 10,000-year history of human use of cannabis, beginning in the Stone Age. Archaeology, literature, and other documented historical evidence will provide an introductory overview of the relationship between humans and cannabis from ancient times through the late 20th century.

Beginning with the 1998 passage of I-692, the Medical Use of Marijuana Act, the prime focus of Cannabiscadia is the interval from the beginnings of the medical cannabis revolution in Washington and leading to the first legal, recreational cannabis industry in the US, established with the passage of I-502 in 2012. It concludes in real-time, with prognostication for the future of cannabis legalization, and the related industries and cultures.

The Aging Ent will specifically explore the challenges faced by the pioneers of the cannabis industry from a mix of perspectives: licensees and stakeholders, state agencies, consumers, and critical ancillary industries. Also addressed will be the impact of cannabis legalization socially, legally, and politically, modeled on the five years of data since the first cannabis retailers began operating.

About the Speaker:

Michael Schroeder arrived in Washington early in 2015, moving with his wife and three children from the Chicago suburbs to Lewis County. Nearly immediately, he established the online identity of “the Aging Ent” aka “Michael the Ent” and started reviewing, advocating, and documenting cannabis in Washington. He began with taking photos of and writing in-depth reviews of cannabis at AgingEnt.com, then started the Marijuana Encyclopedia podcast. All told, over 50 episodes were made featuring a variety of cannabis-industry professionals sharing their stories and experiences. The longest was an 11-hour session with a medical-era cannabis extraction expert and glass collector.

A year in, having explored a few ideas, and leaving a role as a tiny but well-paid cog in a global corporate machine, Michael created a cannabis-advertising agency, working with many small businesses in the cannabis sector. Through social media and at his website, ancillary to the advertising process, he’s reviewed and documented several thousand different cannabis products from hundreds of producers and processors in every market in Washington.  While developing this entrepreneurial business, he also had the opportunity to travel through 4 other legal or medical states - Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois - and document the cannabis culture and industry in many forms. While in persona, he has also provided actionable, advisory input to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, as a citizen activist.

Now, in processing the copious volumes of anecdotes, video interviews, and other accumulated information, his work has evolved into that of an historian, author, and advocate. Michael the Aging Ent has worked with deep dedication to sharing the story of the pioneers of the legal cannabis industry while advocating for expanded access and amnesty for all cannabis POWs in all prisons.

About Olympic Club History Pub

Olympic Club History Pub

These monthly, free events are open to everyone interested in Oregon and Pacific Northwest history. Co-sponsored by like-minded historical and civic organizations, we bring you experts, scholars, first-person experiencers and historians who expound on topics from Lewis and Clark to shipwrecks, hop growing to women pioneers and far, far beyond. It's like being back in the classroom - except this time you get to settle into comfortable seats and enjoy a drink or two with dinner while you listen and learn.

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