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Renee Rank Ignacio, Marketing Director, McMenamins 
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"McMenamins" is a household word throughout Oregon and Washington, signifying a vast array of great places to enjoy with family and friends – a dream that began humbly more than 20 years ago in the hearts of brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin. The siblings are now rightfully considered two of the pioneers of the Northwest microbrew and historic hotels industries.

Today, McMenamins is the fourth-largest producer of microbrewed beer in a region that is known for crafting some of the world's best ales. Unlike other breweries, however, we sell our fine handmade ales only in our own pubs, restaurants, hotels and movie theaters. You cannot buy them in another pub or store at any price.

The first McMenamins pub opened in 1983 in Portland, Oregon, followed two years later by the first McMenamins brewery in the same city. Now, we proudly own and operate more than 50 popular establishments throughout Oregon and Washington. Customers return to our pubs, breweries, hotels and movie theaters because they trust the quality of our food and beverages, and because they know "McMenamins" means have fun in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Children are always welcome when accompanied by their parents in our pubs, which are almost exclusively non-smoking establishments.

An appreciated signature of the McMenamin brothers is their incorporation of their love for historic buildings and artwork in many of their establishments. Several of the McMenamins' businesses are long-storied structures honored by their inclusion on the National Historic Register. Each pub, whether historic or not, displays outstanding paintings on ceilings, doors and walls, as well as offering other visual surprises. Our largest collection of artwork – historic and custom-created – is found at Edgefield, our premier destination resort located in Troutdale, Oregon.

Take a moment on this website to peruse our rich collection of venues that have been created solely to bring people enjoyment, and we think you'll agree with us: "McMenamins" is synonymous with relaxed fun for family and friends. We look forward to greeting you at one of our locations soon when you experience McMenamins, an icon of the Pacific Northwest!