New Arrivals

These are fresh off the delivery truck, though they could be gone tomorrow:

September 30, 2022: New Arrivals

Fresh Hops: 
Baerlic Fresh Hop East Side Oatmeal Pilsner 
Breakside Fresh Hop IPA 
Breakside Fresh Hop Starstruck West IPA 
Double Mountain Killer Juicy Fresh Hop IPA 
Ferment Fresh Hop Chinook Pale Ale 
Fort George Fields of Green Pale Ale 
Ground Breaker Gayle Fresh Hop IPA 
 Matchless Fresh Bols 
Matchless Fresh Zappa 
Boock 15 Fresh Catch 
Oregon Brewers Guild State of Excitement FH Amarillo IPA 
Sasquatch Fresh Hop Don’t Be Scared 
Crux Pert Near FH 
Crux New Favoite FH Hazy IPA 
Hopworks Fresh Hop Ace of Spades 
Fremont Field to Ferment 
Silvermoon FH Hydrosphere IPA 
Three Creeks FH Conelick’r 
Great Notion FH Magnetic West IPA 
Lumberbeard Fresh Dreams FH IPA 
Lumberbeard Hop Rats Wet Hop IPA 
Just In: 

Coldfire Citra Solstice Black IPA 
Coldfire Live Mango Citrus Sour 
Oakshire Big Black Jack   
Oakshire Ill Tempered Gnome 
pFriem Canadian Lager 
pFriem Okterberfest Lager 
Pono Brewing Zoltar Speaks Hazy IPA 
Three Magnets Self Care 
Artisanal Warheads Sour 
Longdrop Sour Cherry Cider 
Propolis Erthe 
Ale Apothecary La Tache 
Sasquatch Counter Balance 
Sasquatch Hammerschlagen 
Sasquatch System Meltdown IIPA  
Backwoods Pecan Pie Porter 
Fremont Ectoplasm IPA 
Stone Circle Lavender tarragon Cider 
Humble Sea Beluga Beach DDH Foggy IPA 
450 North Slushy XL Guava Glue 
Crowns & Hops BPLB Hazy IPA 
Crowns & Hops Dopetoberfest Marzen 
Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider The Passion 
Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider Sacrilege Sour Cherry 
Deschutes NA Black Butte 
Block 15 Sticky Hands 
Great Notion Blueberry Muffin Sour 

September 26, 2022: New Arrivals

New Fresh Hop Beers 
Little Beast FH Feral Progeny 
Little Beat FH Little Green Men 
Ex Novo FH Perle Haggard 
Bearlic FH Amarillo Stay Fresh 
SteepleJack FH Pilsner 
Ruse FH Simcoe Songspire IPA 
Ruse FH Simcoe Clever Weather Hazy IPA 
Via FH All I Do Is Strata IPA 
Balebreaker FH Homegrown IPA #11 
Breakside FH Wanderlust 
Fort George Fresh IPA 
Fort George FH Strata Architect 
Reubens FH Hazelicious IPA 
Gigantic FH Strata IPA 
Bend Fresh Trop IPA 
Double Mountain FH Killer Green 
Wild Rider FH Journey to Fresh Hop IPA 
New Arrivals 
Cascade Framboise Northwest BA Sour 
SteepleJack New School IPA 
Wayfinder Freiheit 
Wayfinder Hidden Hand 
Turning Point Heavy Pulp IPA 
Turning Point You Son Of A Bitch! IPA  
Galia Vieres & Saveges Piton Noir 
Froth Juice Life IPA 
Crux Noisy Boy IPa 
Duvel 666 
Firestone Walker Parabolita 
Fremont Anniversary BA Golden Barley Wine 
Ghost Fish Lunar Harvest Pumpkin Ale 
Schilling Chaider 
Seattle cider Pumpkin Spice 
Stone 26th Anniversary IPA 
2 Towns Bad Apple 
WellBeing Intentional IPA 
pFreim Winter Ale 
Shipyard Pumpkin Ale 
Von Ebert Festbier 
Restocked Items 
Son Of Man Sagardo Cider 
Wayfinder Party Time Pilsner 
Wayfinder Hell 
Prairie Bomb! 
Prairie Buntastic 
Firestone Walker Nirto Merlin 
Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout 

September 16, 2022: New Arrivals

McMenamins Thundercone Fresh Hop Pale
Wander Vibe Quest Fresh Hop IPA
VIA Proper Dose Fresh Hop IPA
Cascade Lakes Koosah Fresh Hop IPA
Baerlic Stay Fresh Fresh Hop IPA
Ecliptic Altair Fresh Hop IPA
Ground Breaker Epoch Fresh Hop IPA
Level Fresh Hopped Button Smasher IPA
Wander Festbier
Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier
Ayinger Oktoberfest Marzen
Gigantic Pomegranate Gin Fizz BA Ale
New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin Ale
Birds Fly South Ale Project Bird Brains - Cherry Boysenberry Sour
Birds Fly South Ae Project Rustic Sunday Farmhouse Ale
Japas Yuzu Namu Biiru Lager
Abomination Drippy Popsicle Sour
Pfriem Oktoberfest
Great Divde Hoss Oktoberfest
Greta Divide Pumpkin Ale
Moonraker Bubble Dust IIPA
Prairie Basic Becky Pumpkin Imperial Stout
Second Profession Electric Agua Fresca Sour
Ex Novo The Magic Stout Coffee Stout
Ottakringer Vienna Lager
Reverend Nat's Queen's Red Cider
Hemly Cherry Perry Cider
Newtopia Belgian Pineapple Cider
Locust Chai Cider
Swift Peach Blossom Tea Cider
Greta Divide White Water Pomegranate Lime Hard Seltzer
Back In Stock:
Sierra Nevada Narwhal Imperial Stout
Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout
Flatland Brewing Tropical Contact High Sour
Moonraker/Block 15 Headway IPA
Prairie Key Lime Pie Sour
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter
La Familia Jamaica Cider
Swift Pomegranate Cider
Shacksbury Yuzu Organic Cider
Swift Melon Hard Seltzer
Maui Dragon Fruit Seltzer

September 12, 2022: New Arrivals

McMenamins Fresh Hop Hammerhead 
Rosenstadt Fresh Hop Altbier 
Rsenstadt Dunkle Lager 
Rosenstadt Festbier 
Great Notion Juice Invader IPA 
Great Notion Ripe IPA 
Sasquatch Tip of the Riceberg Lager 
Living Haus Fresh Hop Herman –Strata 
Kings & Daughters/ Fort George Phantasmic Bests NE IPA 
Living Haus Delores Pilsner 
Living Haus Castorini Italian Pilsner 
StormBreaker Fresh Hop What We Do In The Shadows 
StormBreaker FreshHop Set Freshies to Haze IPA 
Ruse Fresh Hop Solar Ships West Coast IPA 
Binary Mech47 IPA 
Culmination Fresh Hop Paedrus IPA 
Ex Novo German Overalls 
Mazama Fresh Hop Green Magic 
Second Profession Fresh Hop Space Flamingo IPA 
Haker Pschorr Oktoberfest 
Hopworks Fresh Hop Abominable 
New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin 
Paulaner Oktoberfest Mug Set 
Schneiderweiss Wiesen Fest  
Schneiderweiss Lovebier 
Stiegl Hard Radler Cherry 
Baumans Authentic Cider 
Breakside Fresh Hop Trade Secrets 
Buoy Fest Bier Lager 
Zoiglhaus Yuzu Weiss 
Restocked Items 
Roederer 242 Brut NV 
Florida Seltzer Blackberry Agave 
Duvel 500ml Can 
Saison Dupont 500ml Can 
Saison Dupont 750ml Bottle 
St Bernardus Abut 12 
St Bernardus Prior 8 
St Bernardus Tripel 
Baumans Peach Raspberry Cider 
Hoegarden Wit 
Reubens Robust Porter