Meet The Artists

Jonathan Case

Jonathan Case spent his formative years on a boat in Mexico, where he had nary to do but hole up in a cabin and draw, read and plot his escape from paradise.

He made it out eventually, traveling to the American south to study performing arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

He is a member of Portland's own Periscope Studio, the largest collective of comics artists and writers in the United States. There, he connected with longtime McMenamins artist Myrna Yoder and began contributing paintings to the company. See more of his work at

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  • The Wheel

    The Wheel
  • Scott Elliot Bird

    Scott Elliot Bird
  • How Blue Can You Get?

    How Blue Can You Get?
  • Heart of Glass

    Heart of Glass
  • Miserlou

  • Boogie Chillen

    Boogie Chillen
  • Just You and Me Darling

    Just You and Me Darling
  • Paul's Song

    Paul's Song
  • Rag and Bone

    Rag and Bone
  • Zero

  • Wanderlust King

    Wanderlust King
  • Waterloo Sunset

    Waterloo Sunset
  • Revelator

  • Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades
  • I'm Amazed

    I'm Amazed
  • Liquor, Beer, and Wine

    Liquor, Beer, and Wine
  • Sleeping Lessons

    Sleeping Lessons
  • Louie, Louie

    Louie, Louie
  • Self Portrait en Masse

    Self Portrait en Masse
  • John Hogatt

    John Hogatt
  • Style

  • The 3 Joes

    The 3 Joes
  • Krist Novoselic

    Krist Novoselic
  • Dorothy Mason Brown

    Dorothy Mason Brown