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Greta Musland

Greta Musland

Born in Norway and raised in Edmonds, Washington.  I've been drawing and painting my whole life. Received a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts and continue to work from my home studio in Seattle and exhibit around the Pacific Northwest.

Overall in my paintings, my interest lays mainly in form, whatever my subject matter.  Color is very important to me as well, largely intuitive, related often to mood or energy. I'm inspired by nature and travel and also love painting animals of all kinds. Appreciating both abstraction and figuratism, I often find myself combining both in a single painting.  I enjoy experiencing the contrast of paint's fluidity and the precision of drawing simultaneously, finding them quite compatible on canvas, wood or paper surfaces. My favorite media has long been oils and acrylics until recently becoming enamored by encaustics as well.

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