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Damian Zari

Damian Zari
With his blend of grafitti , tattoo and graphic art, Damian Zari was greatly influenced by the works of Frank Frazetta, Jean Girard (Moebius), Richard Corbin, Da Vinci, Heavy Metal Magazine and the tattoo art of the bikers he grew up with. After spending many hours of his youth drawing instead of participating in school, he applied for work with an airbrushing company in southern California. He was handed an airbrush and told to figure it out. His talent landed him the job and he began his pursuit in art. Damian moved back to his birthtown of Portland, OR, in 1997. His work has since been published in Willamette Week, Portland Mercury, PORK, The Oregonian and The Daily Journal of Commerce. His fine art has been shown at Gallery Zero, The Know, Backspace and Weapons of Mass Compassion. He was a finalist in the Illustrators of the Future contest and is a current contributor to Hypno Komix. In 2007, he finally “stopped going” to his cubicle job and became a vendor at the famous Portland Saturday Market . He is currently studying to acquire his tattoo license while working as a freelance airbrush artist.

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