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Cleo Hehn

Cleo Hehn

Cleo Hehn is a visual artist, writer, and editor based in Portland, Oregon. She holds a bachelor of arts from Lake Forest College, where she studied creative writing and public sculpture, graduating magna cum laude and receiving the Art Department Award in 2013. A McMenamins artist since 2015, Cleo illustrates local historical figures while incorporating intuitive creative techniques, weaving personal symbols into existing narratives. In addition, she embraces decorative tradition and superannuated sign painting techniques in order to add beauty to historic McMenamins locations.
Since 2018, Cleo has worked as one of two Art Project Managers, collaborating with the Lead Artist and the other Art Project Manager to support fellow artists when opening new McMenamins properties. Cleo is also the Associate Editor for PDX Writers, where she provides editing and consultation services and facilitates experimental writing workshops.
In both her written and visual work, Cleo is most interested in the relationships between human and nonhuman minds, spirits, and bodies. Her life-long love of the natural world and experiences as an outdoor educator influence her work, as does her curiosity in the perceived patterns of the universe.
Cleo is the niece of McMenamins artist Lyle Hehn, and her partner, Joshua Sherburne, also works as an artist for the company. Her dad, Paul Hehn, is a former McMenamins General Manager who now works in the Kennedy School gift shop, and her brother and cousins have each worked for the company in various capacities.

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    "Kindred" (author Octavia E. Butler)
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    That Lucky Old Sun
  • I’ll Take a Melody Down the River (LEFT)

     I’ll Take a Melody Down the River (LEFT)
  • I’ll Take a Melody Down the River (RIGHT)

    I’ll Take a Melody Down the River (RIGHT)