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Carol Meckling

Carol Meckling

A self portrait that I painted in kindergarten hangs in my studio and reminds me of the joy I’ve always gotten from making art. I can remember so clearly painting in my kindergarten classroom at Edgar Allan Poe Elementary School in the Chicago Suburbs. The satisfying feeling of moving the paint around on the paper and the self expression I was experiencing by making art helped me make sense of my world and my place in it. I started to see my world instead of just looking at it. 

After receiving my BA in Studio Art, I eventually pursued my combined interest in art, psychology and counseling at Antioch New England Graduate School, studying Expressive Arts Therapy with an MA in Counseling Psychology. Art, psychology, mindfulness meditation, have all helped shape who I am as a person and an artist. Making art, observing the natural world, and observing the nature of things…they all are about the process, engaging fully in the present and staying there as best I can.

After a fulfilling career of helping others discover their medium for self expression, I migrated to Durango area to pursue my self expression full time. Living in this area and all that encompasses, has fueled my deeper exploration of painting, fiber art, mixed media and ceramics, leading to a surprising realization that amongst other things I am a landscape artist. 

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