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Lillian Ripley

Lillian Ripley

Lillian Ripley has always been a painter. Lillian started her training with Pam Ingalls on Vashon Island when she was ten years old, and she continued her training with Karen Dale through middle school.  She was part of the second graduating class of the School of the Arts high school of Tacoma where she was mentored by Terri Lynn. While many teachers have touched Lillian’s life, these three artists were the most influential to her work and her painting style. She also disdainfully holds a BA in Visual Arts.

In 2005, she received a Gold Key/Region at Large award from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and the National Gold Award for her animated short "Pantomime Lumineuses," which was subsequently displayed at the Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, DC.

As an artist, Lillian is most interested in visual storytelling. Influenced by growing up in a theatre family, her goal on any piece she works on is to be true to the character and spirit of her subject. She is passionate about researching her subject to tell the untold stories and share what excites, delights, and amuses her with the viewer.

Before becoming a part of the McMenamins Art Team, Lillian worked as a private contractor creating visual art and designs for multiple media. She has been an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, costume designer, set designer, animator and more. You can find more of her work on her website

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    Manifest Destiny Atop City
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    Elk Riding The Goat
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    The Reincarnated One
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    The Kitchen
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    Stop That Train
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    Forever Young (LEFT)
  • Forever Young (RIGHT)

    Forever Young (RIGHT)
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    Don't Let Go