Tuesday, 10 September 2024


World Peace

6:30pm doors, 7:30pm show

$20 advance or $23 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Uniform


Through an industrialized mill of grating guitars, warped electronics, war-torn percussion, and demonically catchy vocalizations, Uniform have bulldozed a path to the forefront of underground music.
Born in 2013, Uniform's debut LP Perfect World (2015) was released on 12XU in the States and ALTER abroad. Following its success they migrated to Sacred Bones. Wake in Fright (2017) was followed by The Long Walk (2018) which solidified their place as purveyors of industrial noise. After touring with the likes of Deafheaven and Boris, they joined forces with The Body for a pair of collaborative albums - Mental Wounds Not Healing (2018) and Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back (2019) - as well as the live release, Live at the End of the World (2020). Shame (2020) is a full of neck-snapping riffs, guttural distortion, percussive maelstrom, anguished howls, and spiteful screams towards oblivion, one that follows characters who walk a Sisyphean circle of existential malaise doomed to repeat yesterday's vices without the promise of a better tomorrow.
Uniform teamed up with chameleonic doom icons Boris in the summer of 2023 for the collaborative album Bright New Disease, a juggernaut bursting at the seams with scathing vocals, monster riffs, and psychedelic rage.

About World Peace

World Peace


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