Tuesday, 23 July 2024

Krist Novoselic’s Bona Fide Band

Star Anna

7pm doors & 8pm show

$15 advance or $20 day of show | $30 advance mezzanine or $40 say of show mezzanine

All ages welcome

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About Krist Novoselic’s Bona Fide Band

Krist Novoselic’s Bona Fide Band

Join Krist Novoselic (Nirvana, 3rd Secret & more) & His Bonafide Band, featuring his old friend and one-time collaborator Mark Pickerel (Screaming Trees, Truly, Brandi Carlile), Kathy Moore (Brad, Star Anna), and the two beautiful voices of his 3rd Secret bandmates, Jillian Weiss and Jennifer Johnson.

During an impromptu jam between Krist and Mark in April 2024, a conversation quickly turned toward talk of a side-project that might include Jillian and Jennifer of Krist's band 3rd Secret, with their drummer Matt Cameron away for several months, touring with a side project that he calls Pearl Jam, Jillian and Jennifer would welcome on opportunity to stay active while he's away, now the only question would be,who would play guitar ?

Pickerel immediately thought of one of his favorite Seattle guitar slingers, Kathy Moore, whose impressive resume (and an equally impressive wardrobe) includes collaborations with Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Thunderpussy, Satchel, Smokey Brights & more. The two old Jury bandmates decided that an eventual set list should also include tips of the hat to the two bands that they're most closely associate with , eventually leading them to new interpretations of songs that are synonymous with Nirvana and The Screaming Trees.
Initial rehearsals have already produced some incredible glimpses of where this collaboration will likely go-it's just the first stop on Captain Novoselic's flight map!



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