Friday, June 28, 2024

Aaron Golay & The Original Sin

Grand Lodge - Pat's Corner



All ages welcome

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About Aaron Golay & The Original Sin

Aaron Golay & The Original Sin

Loud, yet tender and engaging live performances are what stand out with this Artist. Aaron Golay is an Idaho born and raised singer/songwriter. Golay's songwriting has began to take shape over his three album releases. It's gone from a formless mess of beauty to a more recognizable sound, a signature of sorts. The Artist blends together Americana with strong notes of Rock and Soul. This genre bending artist creates a familiar yet unique framework for his lyrics to rest upon firmly and deliver a gut punch of hell raising, sorrow filled sound, and emotion. With the release of his brand new full length album (SONGS FOR SAD FOLKS LIKE ME) in the spring of 2023, you'll want to be sure to listen up and get out to see him soon.