Sunday, 21 April 2024

Zacc DeLucco + Ethan Timmons + Cap Wilder + FedSoul + Breaux

5pm doors & 6pm show

$12.50 advance or $15 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Zacc DeLucco

Zacc DeLucco

Zacc DeLucco is a producer/songwriter from Olympia, Washington, who creates melancholic alternative R&B and indie folk music. For over seven years, Only1s has been producing atmospheric Hip-Hop beats with lush digital synthesizers and acoustic guitars, and writing gloomy melodies with mournful lyricism of heartbreak, isolation, and mental health.

About Ethan Timmons

Ethan Timmons

Ethan Timmons is an artist and producer in Olympia, Washington. Over the last six years, Ethan has been performing, producing, and organizing shows in the South Puget Sound area under the collective of NASTE Productions. Ethan has recently graduated The Evergreen State College with his Bachelor of Arts and plans to walk this spring and pursue a career in music.

About Cap Wilder

Cap Wilder

Cap Wilder (born Colton Knutson) is an artist, producer and a student of music. Cap was raised in Olympia, Washington and based in Seattle. Cap never planned on going to any four year college but once his dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, he reflected on what he wanted for his life. Colton attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences and graduated as a certified Audio Engineer. Colton currently records in Seattle as an established egineer at Lost Boys Recording for many artists as well as himself.


About FedSoul


Tacoma artist FedSoul is a rapper/songwriter who has been making his transition from college athlete to hip-hop lyricist. FedSoul is looking to represent a culture of raw, authentic music that broadcast the good and the bad that life has to offer. You may need to listen to his words a few times over before really getting the big picture.

About Breaux


Producer, DJ, tastemaker from Olympia, WA. Blending a colorful buffet of rhythms of all kinds since 2010, it'll be hard to avoid a head-bop at the least during a Breaux set.

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