Sunday, 07 April 2024

Angelo Moore (of Fishbone is Dr. MaddVibe and the Missin’ Links)

6pm doors, 7pm show

$20 advance or $25 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Dr. MaddVibe and the Missin’ Links

Dr. MaddVibe and the Missin’ Links

Have you ever seen a car crash in slow motion only to have all of the pieces from the crash come back together and drive off as if nothing happened?
That feeling is what is at the heart of Fishbone's Angelo Moore.

Led by legendary Fishbone front man Angelo Moore, the group consist of seven total members featuring Skabone Stan and Danny Kay in the brass section, an engine room consisting of the powerful Ben Kishaba, Hasma Angeleno, and L.A.'s own PrincessFrank, lead/backing vocals and antics by Sonia Harley and band Leader, Angelo Moore, on vocals and instigation.

Fishbone's Angelo Moore is a force of nature wrapped in a Circus sideshow tent that will propel you to the highest-depths of creative chaos as you dance and shake to pure unbridled joy.

About Down North

party-fueling soul

Down North

"Dude sings like James Brown... bass is less slap and more groove." - The Stranger
"A sound that's downright impossible to resist." - Seattle Weekly
‘No Retreat, No Return, No Surrender.' - The Down North Motto

There are some performers who come to music later in life. Then, there are folks who you can
just tell were voracious students and consumers of music since before they could talk. Seattle /
Los Angeles / North Carolina based quartet Down North fall squarely into the latter group.
Trying to pin genre tags onto their unique brand of psych-infused punk soul is an exercise in
futility. These creatives pick and choose just-right bits and flavors drawn from the whole of
modern western music like painters with unlimited palates.
Front man Anthony Briscoe, bassist Brandon Storms, guitarist Nick Quiller, and drummer
Conrad Real (who also plays with Ayron Jones and icons Digable Planets) were on a roll
following the release of the No Retreat Volume 1 EP (2018). The record had been well received
by the press, and extensive touring plans were in place. Then, the global pandemic brought
everything to a screeching halt.
When other artists might have succumbed to despair, Down North strives to live their motto: No
Retreat, No Return, No Surrender. "We tried to see it as an opportunity," explains Briscoe.
"We've been known as a great live band. This time we really wanted to show that we could
capture that magic in our recorded music."
Thematically, the record deals with the timeless subject of love. Though, in this case, the focus
tends toward how often it just doesn't go that well. For anybody. Ever. "My sister was a great
songwriter and helped a lot" says Briscoe. "That was before she passed, a victim of domestic
violence. She wrote the song "If I", which is actually about domestic violence, but told from the
man's perspective." The track hits as hard emotionally as it does sonically.
Working with rising producer Noah Althoff, the band tracked the record at Kaleidoscope
Recording Studio in Lancaster, PA. "No offense to any of the Seattle studios, but we didn't want
to have the same sound as everybody else here" explains Briscoe. "A lot of the rooms in Seattle
sound very similar, especially when it comes to drums." In addition to the core band, the record
feature performances by mountain soul keyboardist Tuck Ryan. "This record is something I'm
proud of" says Quiller. "That's never happened before. Boosh."
The music that Down North has laid to tape on No Restraint Volume 2 is driving, crisply
executed, and tight as all get out. It is funky - but it would be wrong to call it funk. Strong pop
melodicism anchors searing punk energy. Brash technical virtuosity nods to Alternative rock.
Funky gospel metal, maybe? Regardless of what you call it, this record exudes its creators

fierce focus and determination. It is powerful, defiantly celebratory, and downright captivating.
No Retreat, No Return, No Surrender indeed.





About Cameron Lavi-Jones (of King Youngblood)

Cameron Lavi-Jones (of King Youngblood)

Cameron Lavi-Jones is a University of Washington Communications Major graduate, award-winning, musical artist, producer, sound engineer, songwriter, bandleader of his alt-rock band King Youngblood, multi-instrumentalist, graphic designer, film maker, and the executive director of his own non-profit project - Hold Your Crown, fiscally sponsored by the Allied Artist Foundation. He recently graduated with honors with a communications degree from the University of Washington where he focused on marginalized communities, BIPOC social justice issues, and the democratization of media. He has organized BIPOC musical teach-ins in and around the Pacific Northwest. He is one of the founders of the popular podcast The Revolution Will Be Harmonized on Spotify and Apple Music. He also co-founded the Black and Loud Fest and touring and secured sponsorship with Jack Daniels for national touring. Lavi-Jones is also working long hours as one of the youngest senior sound engineer/producer/writer/session musician of a major recording studio in the greater Seattle area at Robert Lang Studios and Studio Sage- both - state-of-the-art multi-track facilities in Seattle, WA. He is also a partner of Dreaming In Color Entertainment LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiary - DICE LAB.
Cameron Lavi-Jones is a prolific Songwriter both for his own musical work and developing other artists. Lavi-Jones primarily works within the Rock, Singer-Songwriter and Hip Hop/RnB genres and plays 22 instruments prolifically with his strongest instrument for live stage being guitar. Lavi-Jones especially enjoys co- writing with other producers and artists.
There seem to be no limits for this young man.

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