Sunday, 10 March 2024

The Mystic 100's

Fashion Change

Shelter Music

5pm doors, 6pm show

$13 advance or $15 day of show

All ages welcome

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About The Mystic 100's

The Mystic 100's

MYSTIC 100'S , formally known as MILK MUSIC, are an underground psychedelic rock group from Washington State.
The band first gained world wide notoriety with their self-released debut "Beyond Living" in 2010, and since then have enjoyed critical acclaim and a steady cult following, despite being notoriously hard to find information about, and seldom seen performing live since 2013. The current line up is a sextet featuring Alex Coxen (guitar vocals), Dave Harris (guitar), Charles Waring (bass), Abby Dahlquist (piano/synthesizer), Joe Rutter & Travis Coster (percussion)

"On a Micro Diet" (Listening House) is the band's first new release since the "dark witted and heavy lidded eco blues"* of 2017's ‘MYSTIC-100'S' (Dom America)

At 75 minutes, "Micro Diet" is lofty collection of music. Inspired by frequent LSD use, the record features a wide range of musical styles that might all fit under the umbrella terms of "groovy'' and "out there" , constantly shifting between stretches of coherent rhythmic groove and structural collapse.

Here are some descriptive review excerpts of from an essay* on the album:

" The record feels very live and alive.
Sounds like Crazy Horse covering Popul Vuh.
Where the band jams remains the land of the sunset. The exuberant freedom expressed by the band whether it's a ten
minute, two chord ramble tamble, or laying into feedback and chimes like it's a sauna, it inspires pride and courage.
It takes guts to survive in the wilderness of the American imagination and by my reckon, Mystic 100's must talk to the birds,
like Saint Francis did, to remain so deeply in the dew.
Every 3-5 years Milk Music has sounded Mystical and now the Mystic's sound magical. "

*Anthony Boruch-Comstock, Mystic Manifesto, Jan '23





About Fashion Change

Fashion Change

About Shelter Music

Shelter Music

Shelter Music has spent the last 3 years in a kitchen shelter among the trees, and so we continue our weekly shelter communications. Breaths through wooden flutes, LFO pattern-wandering, inquiries to knobs and string vibrations, rock-on-log drums, the mysteries of communication abound. Ode to the magic of play and laughter. Offerings that words could not make to spirits inside and beyond us. Discourse moving slow depending on your sense of time. Love is wide and alive. The frogs are roaring too, it's just what they do. If you ask them about it, they will explain it to you. Will you listen if they tell you?

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