Saturday, 23 March 2024

Hot Stepmom (EP Release Party)

Doors at 6 PM & Show at 7 PM

$14 advance or $17 day of show

All ages welcome

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About Hot Stepmom

Hot Stepmom

Hot Stepmom is a 4-piece alternative rock band that formed in July 2021. The band's current lineup consists of front-lady Anna Norris (vocals, guitar), Cameron McLennan (guitar), Ben Babcock (drums) and Jarin Szewczyk (bass). With each member having various influences, Hot Stepmom manages to make in-your-face music with elements of indie, blues, jazz, funk, alt-pop and dad rock. Hot Stepmom released their debut album, ‘The Serial Killer in the Other Room is Better Than You', in October 2022 and is on track to release their EP ‘Nothing to Nowhere' on March 19, 2024.

About Stargazy Pie

Stargazy Pie

If the four guys in Stargazy Pie hadn't run into each other in 2019, they'd be in four wildly different bands by now. One would be tearing up the coffee-shop circuit, one would be arguing with police about noise ordinances, one would be discussing cape options with his prog band, and one would be doubling his jazz guitar solos on clarinet. But the four of them share a love of great songwriting, and they bring all of these influences together in an energetic power-pop band.

About The Rat Utopia Experiment

The Rat Utopia Experiment

The Rat Utopia Experiment, AKA T.R.U.E, is an anarchist American rock band based out of Tacoma, Washington. Formed in June of 2022, they consist of five members--Sophia, 15 (lead vocals), Aine, 16 (bass, backup vocals), Maddox, 18 (guitar), Jackson, 17 (guitar), and Evan, 19 (drums, backup vocals), who dominate the stage as well as their enemies. Despite their contrasting music tastes, the band comes together to form a sound that's a tragic clash of metal riffs, emo, a sprinkle of nu-metal, and themes of anti-establishment that give you the vague urge to jay-walk. In 2023, they have released 3 singles and a video ,and are in the process of creating more lore-driven music.





About Manic Pixie Dream Boat

Manic Pixie Dream Boat

Hailing from the cold wet streets of Olympia, this three piece inspired by psychedelic rock and British post-punk, is setting out to create music tackling everything from loneliness to nuclear war. Manic Pixie Dream Boat is bound to take you on a listening journey amidst the crowded seas.


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