Sunday, March 17, 2024

St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Old St. Francis School

Old St. Francis School

All weekend long!

All ages welcome

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About St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

The leprechauns are on our side, bringing us rainbows and merriment for St. Patrick's Day. Join us for multiple days of food & drink specials, McMenamins own Irish Stout, live music and plenty of hijinks.

Live Music and Entertainment

Saturday, March 16

Leadbetter Band* 2-4pm
Super Secret Band * 5-8pm

Cascade Highlanders Pipe Band * 1pm

Father Luke's Room
Bodhi Mojo * 4-7pm
Quick and Easy Boys * 8-11pm

Sunday, March 17

Use'ta Do* 2-4pm
Profit Drama *5-6pm
Cedar Teeth * 6:20-8pm

Cascade Highlanders Pipe Band * 1pm

Father Luke's Room
Fog Holler * 4-7pm
Trio Subtonic * 8-11pm

Devils Bit Whiskey

Our St. Patrick's Day whiskey returns! This in-demand spirit only comes around once a year; get it while you can! 200ml flasks go on sale Sunday, March 17 at the hotel gift shops, bottle shops, Edgefield Distillery and select locations.

About Trio Subtonic

Jazz, funk, hip hop & world

Trio Subtonic

This Portland-based trio evolved from a long-time collaboration between keyboardist and composer Galen Clark and drummer/percussionist Jesse Brooke. After spending the winter of 2005 in Brazil to study traditional rhythms, Brooke and Clark returned to Portland, formed their new outfit and eventually made it a trio when they teamed up with local bass phenom Bill Athens.

The three infuse Clark's original compositions with Brazilian rhythms, hip hop, funk and jazz elements and live, place a heavy emphasis on improvisation and possesses a serious proclivity to groove. The trio recent collaboration includes DJ Papercuts, from Portland's own live hip hop group, Quivah. Trio Subtonic released its first full-length CD, The Aqueous, in the summer of 07; the work includes DJ Papercuts, of Portland's own live hip hop group, Quivah, on several tracks and a song featuring Sonja Myklebust on cello.




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About Cedar Teeth

Rustic roots rock

Cedar Teeth

Cedar Teeth didn't plan to start a band around the campfires that lit up their Oregon youths in the forests of the Cascade foothills that form a clear-cut divide between Portland and the surrounding wilderness.  The genre bending roots troupe owe their inception to bassist Rayson Gordon, who forged a musical link between friends and provided their secret headquarters: a cedar shed on his grandparents' 40 acre forestland on Green Mountain Road. In their new practice space, campfire tunes turned into intricate songwriting and friendships became a partnership. 

Following their 2014 debut album, Hoot, Cedar Teeth built their reputation on stage, whether at festivals like Summer Meltdown and Wildwood, or at clubs throughout the Pacific NW, where they have joined bands like Fruition, Shook Twins, Motopony, Hot Buttered Rum, and Magic Giant. 

On their 2017 EP, Farewell To Green Mountain, Cedar Teeth explore everything from indie rock and grunge to psych folk and bluegrass, reflecting the diversity inspired by their lives on the dividing line of societal opposites.  Produced by Larry Crane (Elliot Smith, The Decemberists), the EP leans heavily on backwood harmony, allowing complex song structures and off-kilter melodies to support tales of love and war and the moments in between. In one sense, Farewell to Green Mountain is a goodbye to both their formative practice space and the vanishing wilderness and community they knew growing up; a sense of loss that makes its way into songs such as "Cancer" and "Mama's Mourning".  But then again, a voice of defiance emerges in songs like "Winter" and "Echoes Grounding", testaments to renewal and resilience in the face of the dying light. 

While their range of sonic interests and influences defy easy classification, it is difficult not to hear Levon Helm, Rick Danko and company, The Band, hollering from the grave. Indeed, imagery reflecting organic flesh and bone, mingling with gnarled old-growth roots music, is what this band is all about.  Call 'em whatever you like: they are harmonizers and collaborators and Cedar Teeth won't let the fire go out.





About Fog Holler

Fog Holler

Innovation meets tradition in bluegrass band Fog Holler. Based in Portland, Oregon, the band features keening brother duo harmonies, rollicking banjo, sassy guitar, bowed bass, and ripping fiddle. Inspired by a range of influences from The Stanley Brothers to Buck Owens to Primus, Fog Holler breathes fresh life into well worn forms like the murder ballad and the power waltz. With deeply personal, sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the band pays homage to their classic country and bluegrass forbears by modernizing these familiar frameworks. Described by two-time Grammy Award Winner Cathy Fink as "...a new shade of grass", Fog Holler's captivating tunes and coordinated outfits are quickly enthralling longtime bluegrass fans and newcomers alike.

About Use’ta Do

Use’ta Do

Use'ta Do is a Bend, OR based roots-country and bluegrass band, performing with a nod to great musical eras: acoustic instruments; single microphone; and song choices from pioneers in country, Americana, bluegrass, and even modern takes on pop and rock tunes. Use'ta Do is Joe Schulte (Skillethead, Popcorn Trio, Moon Mountain Ramblers) -guitar, vocals; Bri Schulte - mandolin, vocals; Bill Powers (Honey Don't, Silvertone Devils) - banjo, vocals; Shelley Graham (Honey Don't) - Bass, vocals; and Dave Ehle - guitar, washboard, vocals. With a particular fondness for the music of the Hanks Williams (Sr., Jr., and III), Merle Haggard, and Waylon Jennings, their joy for music, love of goats, and sense of FUN is inherent in their sets, connecting audiences to music performances like they "Use'ta Do."

About Cascade Highlanders Pipe Band

Cascade Highlanders Pipe Band

The Cascade Highlanders Pipe Band is a traditional bagpipe band consisting of pipers and drummers from the central Oregon area. This group has been in existence since 2014. We play traditional Irish and Scottish tunes for our audiences. Come out and support your local pipe band this St. Patrick's Day!