Friday, March 29, 2024

Ninjas With Syringes

Latter Day Skanks

8 pm

$12 in advance, $15 at the doors
Limited seating; advanced tickets do not guarantee seats. Standing room available.

21 and over

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Ninjas With Syringes

Ninjas With Syringes

Saved by savings 24hrs, Ninjas have been legacy sticking music into the veins of the virtual man since 2006 like an affordable 3-piece suit worn throughout Portland's punk rock-based torso, arms, and truncated extremities. When fully flummoxed (or threatened by another band), Ninjas become a flame hardened thunder lion with little lightning bolts shooting out of its eyes because of raw energy, rode into battle by unsaddled Portland born-n-raised harlot Matt Danger (vox and guitars), accompanied by the insatiable wizard-finger majesty of bass-master general Dylan Samore on deck with the 4 string low end, with angelic backup vocals akin to one of Zeus' kids...say, Hermes... and yea behold but not least, let us remit the titillating heartthrob of magnanimous percussive force of a one Sir Brian Ward (Secnd Best) who puts his bearded martial accuracy to the test through unbounded displays of speed and sonic combat on and off the kilt and the kit.

These Ninjas three love to trout up their magical chariot Elizabeth (their red van), fill it full of gear and hit the dusty trails to play their hearts out and engage their arts, rocking shows and exploring the diverse landscape of mountains, oceans, forests, lakes, peninsulas, well-springs and estuaries throughout the mighty Pacific, west coast and beyond to be enveloped by the lush tapestries of their surroundings, friends, culture, Rainier and immaculate inspirations of their virtue to further their dark agenda of spreading party and love via a wide swath of venues, people, and tacos to further stab tenaciously to victory through their guttural ethos of passion and sacrifice to preserve their energy, show and sound for generations to come in a frankly sexy cryogenic stasis also known as albums! Plus, one time they all had sex with an alien at the same time to get their incredible powers. Their music is also available now in a nutrient rich paste, and powder form! Act now and save!




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