Thursday, August 17, 2023

Cascade Rye

Kalama Harbor Lodge - Westin Amphitheater



All ages welcome

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About Cascade Rye

Americana Roots

Cascade Rye

Jake Payne and other members of the band Dixie Creek have formed Cascade Rye. Cascade Rye and finds a slightly different line-up to accommodate the new songwriting team. Payne is sharing the lead vocals and the rhythm guitar spot with Rich half the night, while playing his original instrument, the bass guitar for the other half of the night. Rich, in turn plays the drums for half of the night. The song writing duties are now also split between the two. The fortuitous meeting of these two musical minds came about by sheer accident. Rich originally joined Dixie Creek as a drummer after the band’s longtime percussionist exited the band. Unbeknownst to Payne was that his new drummer was a multi-talented and proficient songwriter and guitarist in her own right. That Rich and Payne’s voice blended so seamlessly in vocal harmony solidified the necessity for Rich to vacate her role as drummer and step up to the front of the stage. Cascade Rye continues to perform American Roots music supplanted with the colors and accents of mandolin/banjo/fiddle player Scott Eastburn, Guitar guru Xion Zoa, and bass player/drummer Nick Mittens. Watch them live and you might be surprised when instruments switch hands! Don't forget, having two lead singers, we will leave you feeling like you saw two great acts!