Tuesday, July 12, 2022

No Pants Records Presents

Matt Danger

Barret C Stolte

Mr. Plow

Sean Farrell

Tate AK

7 p.m.

$10 in advance, $10 day of show
Limited Seating, first come first serve.
Expect standing room.

21 and over

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Matt Danger

Fiery, jovial punk rock

Matt Danger

Success isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be for Matt Danger, neither is failure. Luckily, Matt has absolutely achieved neither. Parlaying his efforts drumming in punk rock bands like Rendered Useless, Drawback, Get Dead, and Wild Bill, Matt has refocused his energies as the leading man of the Portland band Ninjas With Syringes.

Born and raised in the great Pacific Northwest, Matt can be seen slinging his guitars and whatnot into the fury of live shows, setting himself on fire on stage for over a decade to entertain degenerates and do-wells alike to various degrees of enthusiasm! With a penchant for overly involving himself in the lives of others after shows and an ironclad will to deliver quality good times, Matt has carved himself out a nice little swath to percolate in for the time being. But is it already too late for Matt to be successful? Or will he pull himself up from the bootstraps of his failures to achieve mediocrity once again? YOU DECIDE.

Matt Danger just launched his ninth collection of music into sonic orbit with the 13-track full-length Punkanomics on his self-made label No Pants Records (Portland, Ore.,) via a brazen bombardment of fiery yet jovial punk rock anthems shot across the bulbous nose of pop culture. Stratifying its reach through the use of multi-pronged styles of sardonic, aggressive smarm, pop punk austerity and confrontational truth-seeking, even his band Ninjas With Syringes has eventually showed signs of maturity by asking more questions than asserting all the answers. Matt set his sights set on navigating the horizons of a growing movement to adapt, create and conquer the modern day struggle through punk rock while even finding time to love — aww, so he’s got that going for him… which is nice.

Barret C Stolte

Barret C Stolte Barret C. Stolte was born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon and has performed music in the Portland area since he was a teen in the early 90's. Primarily a rock bassist, he started playing guitar in his mid 20's just for fun. He continues to perform with mutliple bands, as well as his solo shows when invited to do so.

Mr. Plow

Mr. Plow

Mr. Plow is a solo acoustic punk folker, performing a brash in your face comedic caustic style. He is known for crooning growls about food and sex and stuff that people only like to think about instead of actually talk about. He uses his material to fill the occupation of life coach and the crowds he performs for are his students. Your life will change by the end of one of his seminars at a venue near you.

He has had the opportunity to share the stage with acts like Fishbone, D.O.A., the Meatmen, Blowfly, Bob Log III, Metalachi, SNFU, Green Jelly, Lahey and Randy (from the Trailer Park Boys), MC Chris, MC Lars, Dayglo Abortions, and many many more.

Mr. Plow just signed an exclusive 27 album deal with No Pants Records based out of Portland, Oregon. Both sides agree that this is a match made in heaven. First off, No Pants will be re-releasing the 10th anniversary edition of the out of print "Mad Plow Disease" from 2006. This was the first release by Mr. Plow that featured a back up band on the recording, and not just any back up band. It features Gene Hoglan (Testament, Dark Angel, Death, Strapping Young Lad) on drums, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone) on bass and Rocky George (ex Suicidal Tendicies) on lead guitar. Later this year No Pants will release the "Turning Hits into Shits" EP, where Mr. Plow covers pop hit songs by Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and others.



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