Thursday, 07 July 2022

Lavender Country + Jack Habegger’s Celebrity Telethon + Kadan Spooner at Spanish Ballroom

Doors at 6, Show at 7

$10 Adv. or $15 DOS

21 and over

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About Lavender Country

Lavender Country

While LAVENDER COUNTRY (1973) was little known outside the Pacific Northwest and only released one self-distributed album, they created a genuine cultural milestone; the first openly gay country album. After sitting stagnant for four decades, indie label Paradise of Bachelors discovered the album, reissued it, and shot Lavender Country into the stratosphere. With a new rotating lineup of musicians, Haggerty began performing to a brand new generation of Lavender Country fans drawn to the band's timeless message of queer liberation and revolution. Haggerty, now approaching age 77, is stronger than ever. His shows are a unique combination of good country music, sharp Marxist political critique, and a huge lineup of incredible backup musicians across the country. Poignant emotions leave his audience laughing, dancing, and crying all at once. The current emergence of fascism and the deep political divisions in American culture are making Lavender Country a critical component of progressive and radical politics.

About Jack Habegger's Celebrity Telethon

Jack Habegger's Celebrity Telethon

Hailing from Portland, OR by way of Olympia, WA, Jack Habegger's Celebrity Telethon takes a uniquely northwestern approach to alternative country. The band has made a name for themselves with wobbly synths, twangy harmonies, and Habegger's plainspoken songwriting. He has assembled a stable of veteran players for the outfit that each contribute singularly to a band that is both comfortable and eccentric. Bandcamp chose their January 2021 EP "Oy Vey!" as a "New and Notable" release, featuring it on their homepage and describing it as a "sweet slice of introspective, homespun country-folk."

About Kadan Spooner

Kadan Spooner

With a voice that defines them, songbird Kadan Spooner delivers both original tunes and old favorites while playing guitar, banjo, piano, or even the washboard. They have sang in prisons and on sidewalks, in churches and bars, and with soldiers under siege. They play songs about hard living, hope, and heartbreak, with the best of ‘em- and the worst. Based in Olympia, Washington, they perform all over the PNW and anywhere life takes them.

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