Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Amanda Richards and the Good Long Whiles

Old St. Francis School - Father Luke's Room

6pm - 9pm


All ages welcome

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About Amanda Richards and the Good Long Whiles

Eclectic acoustic folk & rock

Amanda Richards and the Good Long Whiles Once in a great while, it happens... a young, prodigious musical talent emerges, compelling you to intensely feel, think and respond. You're deeply touched by songs that peel away the layers of love lost or found (or distorted) and simultaneously amazed at the tremendous vocal and stylistic range. From sensuous acoustic to gritty homicidal rockabilly -- from straight-ahead rock to steamy bossanova -- from swingin' 13 bar blues to hysterically dead-on country satire -- you're moving through a rich emotional journey highlighted by several surprising twists and turns. You're profoundly struck by the depth and wisdom shown by someone who's only 24 years old. And, most of all, you're enthralled by that voice -- the passion... the strength... the conviction... the versatility. Once in a great while, it happens... and now it happens to be Amanda Richards and her debut CD, Not Always Sexy. Richards has written over 150 songs, written music for local theater groups and nonprofits, placed in various songwriting competitions, was the focus of an episode of NPR's River City Folk, had a song featured on Air America Radio, made a video with the directors of Austin City Limits and released a live album (Live at Mississippi Studios) in addition to her studio album. ?She's spellbinding across the spectrum, and a standout whose star is on the rise.? - The Portland Tribune