Friday, 27 August 2021

Dain Norman

Doors 6, Show at 7


All Ages Welcome

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About Dain Norman


Dain Norman

Dain Norman is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and audio producer. Norman is not really from anywhere he moved his entire childhood from state to state, city to city. He considers himself most from both, Florida and Georgia, US. Dain started playing music in 4th-grade orchestra classes learning cello, while simultaneously picking up guitar and piano being influenced by his step-dad and grandfather to play and learn classic 1950s-70's music. Also, picking up drums, bass guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and ukulele along the way. Dain started performing in bands in middle school ranging in styles from rock, reggae, punk, folk, blues, and soul, self-releasing his first solo album, performing every instrument and producing, "Michael" in 2008, in tribute to his late step-father. Dain began to steadily move around the SE US performing, in a vagabond fashion and self-releasing demo quality singles, due to lack of funds, between 2009-2013, he really honed his skills during that time playing in many different bands, in many different styles, and on any off nights from gigging, he would be at open jams or open mics showcasing his original music. Dain relocated to the PNW in late 2013, to pursue his dream of a music career, packing everything he owned in his old Camry and headed out west, making the trip across the country into a DIY tour, playing at open mics, blues jams, street corners, and little beatnik coffee shops, arriving in the PNW with only $15, living in his car and street performing to get by. The Chrysalis Effect project band was formed in 2015, in Tacoma, WA. The project has since toured throughout WA state, and OR. Releasing the self-produced "HelloJudeProductions" EP in 2016, named after Dain's first child born, "Jude" in 2015, also "6 AM Hangups" single early 2018, about losing yourself to a job you hate to provide, and the full length "Lantern" in late 2019, a concept album in tribute to Dain's fiance' Aili, about letting Love be your Lantern, to guide you through the darkness of life sometimes. Dain is releasing an EP on June 27th on Aldora Britain Records, titled "Back Down To Earth", also a concept record about getting back in touch with your roots, relaxing, and de-stressing so that we have a more clear vision of the reality of the world and life as we know it. Dain is also planning the TCE project's second full-length album, "Shades of Blue" for a 2021 release. Currently, Dain is working with legendary producer Jonathan Plum, owner of London Bridge Studios for the "Shades Of Blue" record. Plum has worked with such acts as Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Sound Garden, and currently Brandi Carlile. "Shades Of Blue" is a record of the reflection of the psychology of people at large internally in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic, with themes of 1960's peace and love in a single breath.


Media Quotes-

"Dain Norman Evokes John Lennon"- The Weekly Volcano


"FOR FANS OF... George Harrison, Procol Harum, The Butterfield Blues Band, The Beatles, and The Byrds. 

The new single, 'Fellow Man', is a call to arms for lovers of experimental psychedelic rock. A sound that ventures onto the cosmic highway as Dain implores listeners to preach a message of love and understanding. It is purely irresistible too, a catchy melody that sounds like it was produced during the 60s or 70s as psychedelia originally took off. The track is B-sided by a revised version of 'Heal The Earth (And All It's People)'. The experimentalism is furthered here with Eastern influences. A raga rock infusion, demonstrating the endless sonic adventures of Dain Norman's songwriting." - Aldora Britain Records 


Lantern album review- 

"The experience of listening to these songs is not like being transported to another time, but like having transmissions of lost songs from 1964 magically delivered to you, slightly warped and modernized along their journey. The one constant is the presence of John Lennon's touch in the music, from Norman's vocals down to the rugged and raw instrumentation." - Alma Mater Tacoma

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