Friday, 23 July 2021

An evening with The Fun Police

6 pm doors, 7 pm show

$5 advance, $7 day of show

All ages welcome

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About An evening with The Fun Police

An evening with The Fun Police


Of late there's been a distinct lack of fun; we're here to rectify that problem. The songs sung by this fun force were composed floating rivers, spelunking vacant mines, pub crawling sidewalks, and summoning a higher power in the presence of a campfire. Living in these modern times, one can always find constant reminders of the laws that protect us from danger, and also in some cases, fun. In that irony lies the birthplace of The Fun Police.


Our tunes draw inspiration from many elements of rock including punk, folk, reggae, and country. The Fun Police don't work really well with The Genre Police. The tempo is mostly upbeat and dance-able.The Fun Police are equipped with an ever-growing versatile arsenal consisting of horns, accordion, banjo, fiddle, guitars, bass, drums, glockenspiel, various flutes, and other secret weapons. To some our music might be an acquired taste like bacon, coffee, or donuts. The FP consider it a crime to take themselves too seriously, and are seldom seen arresting each other.


Ranger Ruffhousen, Captain Clownshoe, and Special Agent Sam share noble musical history on their belts, most notably being Helter Skipper and the Gilligan Mansons, Cheeky White Devils, and The Xenophiles. Brigadier B.Ski, and Deputy D. prior to putting on a uniform, dabbled amongst many different incarnations together: Grasshopper II, Ladle of Gruel, and Philo Gant.


Ranger Ruffhousen - Lead Vocals, Viola, Accordion, Guitar, Flute
Deputy D. - Lead Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, Djembe
Brigadier B.Ski - Drums & Beats
Captain Clownshoe - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Bari Sax
Major Munk - Banjo, Fiddle, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Meter Maid Marvelous M - Trombone, Whistles, Bells, Percussion, Vocals
G-man J-rad - Trumpet, Vocals
Garda Gugul - Flutes, Pipes, Goat Toes, Philosophizing
Special Agent Sam - Accordion, Vocals
Marshal Law - Bass

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